Best Magnesium Oil Uses: Pain Relief, Skin, Hair & More

I discovered the amazing magnesium oil uses while looking for a natural solution for my sleep-deprived sister, suffering from a stiff neck and headaches almost every morning.

After only a week of using pure transdermal magnesium oil (I got her this one, after some research), my sister is now insomnia-free and no longer suffers from neck and shoulder pain.

magnesium oil uses and benefits

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More and more people around the world realize how magnesium deficiency may be the main reason for their “mysterious” symptoms and health problems.

Every cell in our body needs magnesium]in some way, and it is vital for bone, tooth, muscle, and joint health as well as for optimal sleep and stress control.

What is Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium oil is a term for a mixture of a highly saturated solution of magnesium chloride in distilled water, which has a texture similar to oil. (But it’s not an oil.)

Magnesium oil is transdermal, meaning it can be applied to the skin and is easily absorbed through the skin, which can be a great way to supplement magnesium intake for people who have difficulty absorbing it through oral supplements or diet.

lt can cause a slight stinging or itching sensation when first applied, this usually goes away after a few minutes (this stinging sensation signals that it’s doing its job).

Here’s Why You Are Probably Magnesium Deficient

Sadly, every year we get less and less magnesium, the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body, from our food and water.

The ocean is still a good source, but most of us don’t have daily access to it.

The natural sources of magnesium are becoming depleted.

The soil is over-farmed and full of pesticides, water filteration systems remove much of the magnesium, and our lifestyle, which includes lack of sleep, stress, and alcohol-caffeine-sugar consumption – destroys the little Magnesium that’s left.

 See why Magnesium is the best remedy for leg cramps and anxiety attacks)

The Best Way to Boost Magnesium Levels

According to Dr. Mark Sircus, author of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy:

The most effective way to increase overall magnesium levels in your body is to apply magnesium oil to your skin, especially if you have any digestive issues.

Through my research, digesting Magnesium is not the best way to absorb it.

It is even more difficult to absorb if you are low in vitamin D, lack gut bacteria, or suffer from some other conditions.

The second great benefit of magnesium oil is that you can’t overdose on this stuff. Your skin will not absorb more magnesium than the body needs.

10 Great Uses for Magnesium Oil (and How to Use)

magnesium oil
Life Flo pure Magnesium Oil – view at iHerb

 For general maintenance of magnesium levels:

Spray magnesium oil on your arms, legs, and stomach every day, and leave it on for about 20 minutes before you wash it off.

It will tingle on your skin the first few times. If it’s too annoying, dilute it with some water, but the tingling will fade after a few applications.

I recommend moisturizing about 5 minutes after applying, preferably with a natural moisturizer, such as raw organic coconut oil.

magnesium oil uses and benefits for skin hair eczema stress sleep

1. Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Joint pain

Magnesium oil relaxes the muscles around the inflamed areas and thus increases joint mobility and repair.

Magnesium oil is believed to help with arthritis by improving blood flow, reducing inflammation, and relaxing muscles. Some studies have found that magnesium can help to reduce pain and improve mobility in people with arthritis.

By applying magnesium oil topically, you’re giving your joints a much-needed mineral massage, it’s like giving them a spa day, without the fancy robes and cucumber water.

Rub some of it around the painful spots, leave it on for at least 20-30 minutes, then you can wash it off.

magnesium oil for arhtritis

As for osteoporosis, Magnesium oil may act as a buffer against diets with high acidity, as well as a substitute for a lack of calcium in the bones.

2. Hair Loss

Magnesium is needed in these 2 ways to stop hair loss and regrow new, healthy hair:

  • Help amino acids convert into keratin proteins (which is what your hair is mostly made of). Your hair follicles need lots of Magnesium for this process.
  • Prevent calcium deposits in follicle cells. Many studies suggest that hair loss is caused by calcium buildup – due to scalp inflammation (dandruff, dermatitis, etc).

Simply spray a few spritzes of Magnesium oil on your scalp, especially thinning areas.

Leave for 20 minutes and then rinse well. You can also leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning.

3. Muscle Pain & Injuries

Magnesium is an important mineral for muscle function and a magnesium deficiency can lead to muscle cramps, spasms, and weakness.

Also, Magnesium is known to help in the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the main energy currency in the body.

So, by applying magnesium oil, you’re giving your muscles a boost of energy (like giving them a Red Bull, but without the caffeine jitters!).

Apply Pure Magnesium Oil to the problem area as needed. You can also soak a paper towel with it and place it on a sprained ankle or pulled muscle.

Wrap the whole thing with shrink-wrap or household plastic wrap to keep it secure and moist, for at least 4 hours (up to 8 hours).

Let it air dry for an hour before you repeat the process.

Magnesium is one of the best remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome!

4. Better Sleep, Stress Reduction, and Relaxation

Transdermal Magnesium calms the nervous system and relaxes the muscles, which in turn will help you fall asleep easier and faster.

According to studies, Magnesium oil may also improve the length and quality of slow-wave sleep.

Rub magnesium oil on your feet before you go to sleep. Put your socks on, and dose off peacefully.

5. More Energy

Magnesium oil encourages the activation of enzymes that produce cellular energy. By activating adenosine triphosphate, also known as ATP, magnesium oil boosts energy and helps prevent feeling tired.

Apply the oil liberally on your body in the morning. Wash off after 20 minutes.

6. Magnesium Oil Deodorant

When you apply magnesium oil under your arms, it creates an environment that is less favorable for bacteria, it’s like evicting the bad tenants from your armpit apartments.

And since bacteria is the main cause of body odor – by reducing the amount of bacteria – you’re also reducing the amount of odor.

A couple of sprays of Magnesium oil under each armpit works both as an effective and natural deodorant and to transport magnesium into your body. You can also apply by hand.

Spray/wash your feet with it to get the same effect.

7. Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis

Topically applied magnesium chloride enhances skin barrier function, decreases inflammation, speeds wound healing and promotes skin cell hydration.

  • Eczema – the oil can help to reduce itching and inflammation, moisturize the skin, and improve barrier function.
  • Psoriasis: Magnesium oil may help to reduce redness, itching, and scaling associated with psoriasis. Some studies suggest that magnesium supplementation may improve the symptoms of psoriasis.
  • Acne: Magnesium oil may help to reduce inflammation and improve the overall appearance of the skin, as well as help reduce the number of breakouts

35% strength may be too strong for the face and neck and too strong for burns or wounds – for these applications the oil must be appropriately diluted.

8. Burns and Wounds

For burns and wounds, a 4% solution is recommended (Dilute 1 part 35% oil: 8 parts water).  

Rub Magnesium oil spray thoroughly into the problem area (up to 3 times a day).

The more you rub, the more your skin will absorb. Let dry and wash with water after 30 minutes. If you feel it stings too much – dilute it with more water and try again.

Caution: Magnesium oil is NOT to be ingested. Generally, keep away from big open wounds, eyes, and nasal cavities. Keep off of genitalia. Keep out of reach of children.

9. Anxiety

The importance of Magnesium for keeping anxiety, stress, and panic attacks is well researched. Magnesium is responsible for controlling the anxiety levels in your body, and high stress can lead to a deficiency – which creates more anxiety. A vicious circle.

You can use magnesium oil to rub on your skin all over your body or use magnesium flakes in your bath. The results are pretty quick, according to my experience and many others.

Some doctors claim that the oil form is the best and quickest way to absorb Magnesium into your cells.

10. Restless Legs

Magnesium oil is one of the best home remedies for Restless Legs syndrome caused by Magnesium deficiency. I’ve written an entire post about it – see how to use Magnesium for restless legs.

Magnesium Oil Medical Uses

Magnesium oil can be used anywhere on your body to relieve pain from Arthritis, Joint pain, muscle pain, and cramps. It can help with sleep problems, lift your energy levels, and reduce stress.

It can relieve Psoriasis, Eczema, acne, burns, and wounds.

It is also capable of maintaining youthful skin, relaxing your body and aiding general health and vitality.

Here’s a list of magnesium uses:

  • Arthritis, osteoporosis, joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Asthma, colds, flu
  • ADHD, aggressive behavior, alcoholism, autism
  • Muscle stiffness, muscle spasms, pulled muscles, MS
  • Chronic fatigue, cancer, chemical sensitivity
  • Diabetes, hypertension
  •  constipation, cramps, IBS
  • PMS, menopause symptoms
  • Cluster headaches, migraine headaches
  • Cardiovascular diseases, heart palpitation
  • Psychiatric conditions
  • Sports injuries, head injuries
  • Dental Health
  • Anti-aging 
  • Anxiety and stress

What Is The Best Magnesium Oil?

I recommend Life Flo Pure Magnesium Oil. It’s highly important the “oil” is made with clean and pure water and some brands’ magnesium oils may derive from unclean or even contaminated bodies of water.

Another brand that I found safe and effective is Natural Calm.

You can learn (much) more about the importance of magnesium and the diseases it can cure in “The Magnesium Miracle” by Carolyn Dean, or in “Transdermal Magnesium Therapy” by Dr. Mark Sircus.

DIY Magnesium Oil Recipe

Making your own Magnesium oil is one of the easiest things you can do. Here’s the simple recipe:

You’ll need:

  • 1/2 cup Magnesium chloride flakes (the one I use is this one)
  • 1/2 cup filtered water
  • Spray bottle (like this one )

Boil the water in a non-aluminum saucepan. Then turn off the heat and add the Magnesium flakes until they are dissolved. Cool at room temperature and pour it into your spray bottle.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

This doesn’t need refrigerating and you can apply from 10-30 sprays per day.

Magnesium Oil Side Effects

Let me set your mind at ease:

Magnesium oil is very safe to use.

The most common side effect is slight itching for about 10 minutes after applying, and it’s considered (though not proven) as a sign it “working”.

However, there are a few rare side effects and I feel like you should know about them too:

  1. Low blood pressure – people with low BP (under 100 systolic or 70 diastolic) should use Magnesium oil gradually and increase exposure time slowly.
  2. Extremely sensitive skin – if your skin itches terribly after applying, try diluting it with some water next time.
  3. Using Mag. oil along with anxiety medication can make you want to sleep. Don’t do this combo if you’re about to drive or need to concentrate on something.

Have you ever tried using Magnesium oil? Share with us in the comments below.

To your health and happiness,



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68 thoughts on “Best Magnesium Oil Uses: Pain Relief, Skin, Hair & More”

  1. To my knowledge, Magnesium oil is perfectly sage for children. Its safety profile has been well established. Of course, too much of anything, can be a bad thing, but it is very difficult to get too much Magnesium from Magnesium oil.

  2. Can this Magnesium therapy be used with children aged 5 years for their over all good health and to prevent them from any future deficiency of magnesium, vit D3, Calcium and so on? As of now they are well and healthy.

  3. Yes, you rub it on your body like lotion, but you don’t have to rub it everywhere. Your arms, legs and maybe stomach is enough. You don’t have to wash it off, some people wash it off because it can itch a bit, but you don’t have to. I hope this helps and good luck!

  4. Hello. I have been going to doctors for almost a year for pain in my arm that they thought was caused by: Carpel or Radial Tunnel, arthritis, tennis elbow, you name it… but with no results of diagnosis to treat. They couldn’t figure out (and still can’t) if it’s nerve, muscular, or bone issues. So after posting my latest disappointment in another doctor appointment with my 7th doctor, friends asked me if I was taking Magnesium. To which I answered no! And I should be! I’ve also been waking up with headaches, tiredness, tummy aches, etc. And my blood pressure has gone up due to the pain.

    I’d like to take it through oils so I have a question that everyone else has asked just to confirm… do I rub it in all over my body like lotion? And every time I use it, I have to wash it off 30 minutes later regardless of where it’s applied? I’m going to purchase the Ancients first to see how we do it before I make it at home. I just want to be sure we’re applying it correctly.

  5. Just listen to your body. If it feels like this, try to take it down a notch and rub less every day, and see how you feel. You’ll find the right amount in no time.

  6. Was using on different areas of my body giving me a total of 660mg a day. After doing this for about 1o days and not washing it off, I found myself absorbing too much salt….thirsty…could this much have caused a problem

  7. Absolutely helps me to sleep. I put it on my feet and shoulders at bedtime. I have not had to wash it off, no itching. If I do wake up, I put more on. My husband asks for it each night and he is not a believer in anything…but he keeps asking and I know his sleep is better. It also eradicated the shoulder pain that I had for at least twenty years. I was not able to take my arm back behind my neck at all. Now I have full range and it happened within a month. I don’t even use it there anymore and the pain has not returned. After reading this I will use it on my skin and my husband’s swollen foot! Thanks!!

  8. I suffer with vitiligo and wondered if magnesium oil would help my skin repigmented? Would love to try it if you think it could help.

  9. Yes, Magnesium oil can be very helpful for the regulation of blood clots, since it benefits vasolidation and reduced arterial tone and tension.

  10. I have had two strokes no damage, was wondering is magnesium oil helpful, will it help with blood clots

  11. I have been using magnesium oil from Asutra that I got on Amazon and it has just been life-changing. I have tried all types of brands and Austra Magnesium Oil is probably the best I have used. It has really helped me with a lot of my issues (pain, cramps, etc) I suggest everyone try magnesium oil!

  12. Sharon,

    To my knowledge you are correct about Magnesium and sweats. However, I would advise you to not expect problems before you even experience them…in other words, we get what we expect…right? Why don’t you expect no side effects and believe in it wholeheartedly? Just suggesting 🙂

  13. I read that magnesium can help reduce menopausal sweats dramatically. Is that true? I recently had a total hysterectomy and tryi8tobe proactive

  14. Chasity,

    For both acne and anti-aging, apply Magnesium oil on acne breakouts and/or your skin and leave on for at least 30 minutes, than wash off. You can repeat this 3 times a day.

  15. How would I use magnesium oil as an acne medicine for my daughter? And what about anti aging for myself?

  16. Julianne,

    First of all please don’t believe anyone that tells you it may not grow back. It’s nonsense. Second, I would recommend using pure Castor oil instead of Mag. oil, since it helps so many people regrow and strengthen their hair. Here’s my post about it, with instructions:

  17. My husband has finished chemo & radiation for tonsil cancer & the hair on the back of his lower head is not growing back. We were told it may not. A friend told me to research Magnesium oil, she felt massaging it on his head may stimulate some hair growth. I’ve read nothing about hair growth. What do you think?

  18. Winona,

    You don’t have to wash it off your scalp 30 minutes after applying. You can leave it on until you shampoo. I recommend that you see my post post about the best home remedies for dry scalp here:
    As for your kids, I would recommend to not use the mag oil since it can cause a bit of a burning sensation on eczema areas. Instead I highly recommend trying organic castor oil, which is amazing for all skin conditions. You can read more about it here:
    I hope this helps!:)

  19. Can I use on extremely dry scalp and do I have to wash it off 30 minutes after or can I just spray and leave it on? Also, 2 of my children have different levels of eczema ages 6 and 15 ( the most severe and has had many pussy flares but getting better with topical creams) can I use on both children it in the less severe case, if so how do I proceed? I’ve just started using mag oil for sleep and arthritis in my knees and carpal tunnel with success!

  20. Angelina,

    Magneium oil is for external use, not internal. For external use there should be no problem, but I would make sure it’s o.k with my doctor. Otherwise, I would highly suggest getting your hands on some medical cannabis, it works wonders for Crohn’s.

  21. Hiya, I have Crohn’s disease (inflammation of the bowel) and I was wondering if I could take this oil for digestive problems and a stiff neck. I’m on Methotrexate tablets and Humeria injections, thanks.

  22. I have RLS and also Eczema on both my legs and it’s bothering me especially at nigh I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how to use the magnesium oil on my legs, thank you so much and God bless you.

  23. Sylvia,

    It might help, but I know of a few things that’ll help more, such as infrared light therapy, which is proven to help with nerve pain and is an amazing natural method you can use.
    You can buy an infrared heating bulb/lamp and point it at your aching area for about 20 minutes, you may be surprised by how well it works.
    Also, here’s a good post about natural treatments for Spinal Stenosis:
    I hope this helps and good luck!

  24. Thank you so much for your response. I also use coconut oil as a type of mouth wash and do not rinse after to preserve its antibacterial properties in my mouth so I was not sure if that was also the case with magnesium oil.

  25. Hi ,please can you tell me if Magnesium Oil helps the aches and tingling nerve ends I get from Spinal Stenosis. If it does I’d like to try it .

  26. Do I rinse my mouth after using your magnesium oil mouthwash regiment? If so, how many times?

  27. Hi, I have been using magnesium oil for some time, I make my own using the Ancient Minerals Flakes and distilled water, question is that I don’t feel stinging or itching…..does that mean there is not enough magnesium ( I use 1/2 cup mag and 1/2 cup water) or that I may not be truly deficient in magnesium?/

  28. I have dupuytrens diesease, I saw online that magnesium oil might help.
    What do you think, and if so should I just rub on my hands?

  29. Denise,

    I can understand your confusion. Nothing happens if you don’t wash it off and go to sleep. However, Mag. oil can cause some itching and may interfere with falling asleep, that’s why you’ve read that you should wash it off.
    In conclusion, you have to keep it on for at least 30 minutes for the effect, but you’ll have no side effects from keeping it on all night, unless it will feel uncomfortable.
    I hope this helps and good luck!

  30. Hi I just had a quick question, I’ve herd to put this on my feet at night for help with sleeping, but then I’ve read you have to wash it off after 30 min? Am I sapposed to put it on, and then wash it off and THEN go to bed?

  31. Shireen,

    I wouldn’t use it as a deodorant because it tends to cause some itching. As a deodorant I use baking soda with coconut oil and it’s amazing. Works great.
    For cluster headaches I would use it as a supplement (like Calm) and rub a few drops of Lavender oil on your temples when your head hurts.
    I hope this helps:)

  32. how can you use it as a deodorant if you should wash it off after 30 mins?
    I am also a cluster headache sufferer and am wondering how I would use this product?

  33. I was using this deodorant and noticed my armpit are getting dark, can I use magnesium oil directly to my armpits

  34. My mother had a stroke and now constantly paces and doesn’t sleep without the use of heavy sleeping meds. Do you know any studies on magnesium on such problems?

  35. Julie,

    I’m sorry to hear about your cat. I have no idea about how safe magnesium oil is for cats, so you’ll have to ask a vet about it. I wish I could be more helpful and I hope he feels better soon.

  36. Hello! I really enjoyed reading your article! G8 info, thx so much for sharing. I’m wondering if you know if I could use this on my 14 yr old cat?
    His vet thinks it might be IBS or Thyroid problems, we’ve treated for both and separately and neither are working. : (
    Basically he has intermittent vomiting and diarrhea every 5 days or so. He has lost quite a bit of weight, he so bony rite now its so sad as he was the fat cat of the family.
    We got him on animal enzymes 3 days now was g8 then this am he had a change in his poo so increasing the dosage from half a pill at every feeding to 1 pill at every feeding he eats the best canned cat food 2 of the 3oz cans daily. Ok, I just realized I’ve rambled on and on, sorry about that.
    Thanks for your time in advance!

  37. Joanne,

    Thanks for sharing your success with Magnesium Oil, that’s great!

    And yes, transdermal magnesium is more effective than oral supplements, and works almost immediately.

    Glad you’re feeling better and I appreciate you taking the time to comment:)

  38. I started using magnesium oil about a month ago because I was having irregular heart beats daily. Despite taking oral magnesium I still needed relief. As soon as I started using the magnesium oil it greatly reduced the palpitations. So grateful that I found this treatment effective for me. The only downside is the itching at times. Behind the knees and stomach area seems to work best for me when applying. Otherwise, magnesium oil is a truly effective and natural way to increase your magnesium levels.

  39. Laurie,

    The reason to wash the Magnesium Oil off is that it gets itchy, and you won’t be able to go to sleep and forget about it anyway…

    After about 20 minutes the Magnesium will be absorbed and you’ll get all the benefits and be able to wash it off. Believe me, you’ll want to…:)

  40. Why should you wash the magnesium oil off? I was hoping to apply at bedtime and forget about it. Does it have to be washed off? Thank you.

  41. Kathleen,

    I don’t know if Magnesium Oil will help, but I do know of one thing that will – Hemp Oil.

    My mother had psoriasis for 15 years, tried all medication and failed.

    Ahe started applying Hemp oil on her feet 3 times a day and after 3 weeks exactly her Psoriasis was completely gone.

    It’s been 3 weeks since then and it is still clean and hasn’t returned.

    I hope this helps and good luck to you,


  42. Hi, I have pustular psoriasis and at times is so painful from the blister like sores on my feet and hands. Doctors have prescribed many things and nothing seems to work for very long. I’m wondering if the pure magnesium oil might help. Any ideas? Thank you,


  43. i use this oil for the neuralgia in my feet due to damaged tissue from chemo. it helps tremendously with the pain.

  44. Anne,

    I think that you should not spray it with Magnesium oil but rather just apply a lot of coconut oil – At least 3 times a day and it should do the work without buying a fading lotion.
    Coconut oil will treat the infection (if you still have one) and reduce possible marks/scars etc very effectively.

    Just give it a try for 3 days – 3 times a day and let me know how it goes, o.k?

    Good luck!

  45. Hi Meital, I have been using magnesium oil for about two months now and I must say it is wonderful! However, recently I got a boil and it’s on a visible area. The healing is on the right direction but I wanted to know if I can spray it with Magnesium oil then apply ‘Skin Success’ Fade Milk even tone product.

    What are your thoughts on this? I am not sure if there’ll be a chemical reaction that would make the spot darker. Should I just stick to their ‘concentrated cream with Vit. e?’

    Would be great to hear from you.

  46. I have been using Magnesium Oil for a few weeks now it has had a dramatic positive effect on m life. I sleep longer uninterrupted and the deep, arthritic knee pain I have had for years is virtually gone; my energy levels and thinking abilities have increased but not to anxiety levels and I am definitely calmer and clearer in my waking hours. I use Swanson Ancient Zechstein Sea Mg flakes which seem to work very well. It is now part of my lifestyle.

  47. I stumbled upon your website and I really enjoy it. I am trying the oil on my feet at night. How long does it take to work? I’ve only done it two nights. This is my second. As you can see, I am not asleep yet. Have had trouble for several years and nothing has really helped. I am going to sleep or, NOT. Really hoping this works. Thanks for sharing all your research.

  48. Thanks Alyson for your great comment and I’m so glad to hear about your great success with magnesium oil, it’s trully remarkable, yet so many people do not even consider magnesium deficiency as a root cause of their health problems.

    Thanks for stopping by and come visit again!:)

  49. Great article! I have been getting very interested in the benefits of magnesium, and am currently reading “The Magnesium Miracle”. I have been taking it for years but didn’t realize it had so many far-reaching benefits, and now I am talking to all my friends and family about it. I have had a fair amount of success with most people I’ve advised, including one girl diagnosed with postnatal depression 4 years ago, who was stuck on anti-anxiety and anti-depressants but still not feeling any better. Within a day or 2, she was calm, relaxed, and much more confident, and it wasn’t a fluke. She’s been happy for several months now. It’s an amazing turnaround.
    I initially used it for shakiness and twitching, which cleared up within a day or two. I realized there were other benefits when I was recently put on a diuretic after I had run out of my supplies, and I began to experience excruciating back spasms. The magnesium supplement was the only thing that stopped it – after the doctors gave me co-codamol and diazepam, neither of which worked. The co-codamol just made me incredibly sick! It was after this that I began to research exactly what magnesium deficiency caused, and was amazed at the number of different things it can affect.
    Well done on a good article! The more people read about this, including doctors, the more it will be taken seriously – it astounds me that the medical profession is not better informed about mineral and vitamin deficiency.

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