2 Surefire Ways You Fall Asleep Fast – Every Night

ways to fall asleep fast

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Poor sleep is nothing to yawn at.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you accumulate a sleep debt that can be difficult to “pay back” over time.

This sleep deprivation has been linked to obesity, hypertension, bad mood and behavior and safety issues at home and at work.

It affects your ability to do EVERYTHING – work, take care of your health, your children and your relationships. Not to mention that sleep problems can literally drive you crazy.

The same old usual ways to fall asleep (no caffeine, exercising, darkening the room, meditating, reading a boring book) are only effective for some people – not everyone.

My 2 Easy Ways to Fall Asleep Fast

Here’s the deal:

In my latest research to find natural pain relief for my aching joints I’ve stumbled upon two incredible products that work wonders for both pain relief and sleep problems – without any kind of medication.

1. Acupressure Mat


Seems painful, doesn’t it?

I was no less shocked to discover that simply lying on a modern-day bed of nails made it impossible for me to keep my eyes open after 5 minutes.

I was hesitant to try what seemed to me as a torture tool. How can laying on 6000 nail-like plastic spikes help me fall asleep (I wondered as I read dozens of testimonials claiming exactly that)?

Isn’t it painful? Or at least uncomfortable? Doesn’t falling asleep require feeling as comfortable as possible?

But I’ve decided I have nothing to lose.

The first thing you feel when you lie on the “Swedish bed of nails” is a prickly sensation. Though uncomfortable at first, 2 minutes later I could hardly notice it anymore.

I felt a warm, tingling sensation all over my back. The Lower back pain that was bothering me all day was dramatically reduced.

The next thing I remember is looking at my alarm clock.

5 minutes have passed since I climbed on the mat and I could hardly keep my eyes open. I rolled off the mat to the other side of my bed and fell asleep.

For the first time in months I woke up at 6 AM, refreshed and energized after 8 hours of sleep.

How Does it Work?

Our body is lined with pressure points, which when “pressured”, release pain relieving and stress reducing hormones (endorphins and oxytocin).

Stimulating these pressure points causes an increased circulation, resulting in a warm feeling (blood is flowing, full of nutrients) and reduced heart rate, indicating relaxation.

This naturally induced calm state is what helps you fall asleep incredibly fast (and relieves back pain if you happen to suffer from that too…)

[yellowbox]The acupressure mat I used is called The Shakti Mat and you couldn’t pry it from my cold dead hands.[/yellowbox]

Be warned that if you have a sensitive skin this may not be the right tool for you. And if you’re pregnant – avoid it.

2. Infrared Heating Pad/Mat

therasage large

If you haven’t heard about infrared light therapy and the ridiculously amazing benefits of infrared heating

You’re oblivious to one of nature’s most powerful pain and stress relieving methods of all time.

(I’ve already written a few detailed articles about the many benefits of far infrared light therapy and infrared heating pads.)

If I have any kind of back pain, joint pain or even just a headache, I immediately whip out my Amethyst Biomat.

The mat provides very soothing warmth, which is hard to describe.

It is deep warmth, with no perceivable source, making the warmth experience almost surreal. It dramatically reduces my back pain, relaxes me and helps me get that restful sleep that I need so much.

How Does it Work?

Did you ever get in a car on a sunny day in winter? Wonder how it feels so warm inside when the air outside is freezing? That’s the infrared light from the sun.

Far infrared rays, which are completely invisible to the naked eye, are capable of penetrating deep into the human body (literally right down to your bones) where they gently elevate the body’s surface temperature and activate major bodily functions.

[yellowbox]Far infrared rays are 100% safe. They’re NOT the ultraviolet rays which cause sunburn and skin cancer. In fact, infrared light therapy is often used in hospitals to warm newborn infants.[/yellowbox]

Much like with the bed of nails, the increase in blood circulation and the warmth helps you to relax almost immediately, helping you to fall asleep so fast you might forget to switch the thing off.

(Good thing it comes with a timer)

My personal infrared heating pad is the UTK infrared heating pad. It’s a bit expensive but also one of the best health investments I’ve ever made.

It serves me and my family with great loyalty time and time again.

You can read more about the incredible benefits of infrared heating padsHERE.

I can almost guarantee that trying out one of these natural sleep aids will change your life, or at least your sleep. The only possible side effect is loud snoring, but that’s a story for whole new article…

What about you? What’s your best way of falling asleep (without pills)?

To your health and happiness,


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  1. Infrared heating pads are amazing for sleep, at least in the winter. And on the contrary, cooling pads are wonderful for sleeping when it’s hot in the summer 🙂

  2. please can you advise a natural alternative therapy for grade one spondylolisthesis of L4 over L5.
    I have constant pain in my left ankle

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