About Meital James

My name is Meital James, and this is my personal blog.

I am 45 years old, married, and have 2 wonderful little boys.

I started researching natural and alternative therapies when breast cancer “caught” my mother (this is how she described it when she told us).

I wanted to find the best treatment for her and to avoid chemotherapy – After hearing shockingly bad things about it.

Thank god she is healthy now, without using chemo or drugs.

Through this journey, I’ve discovered a world of knowledge that amazes me every day.

I’ve also become a holistic health expert and finished 2 years of Naturopathy studies at Reidman College in Israel, and I am also a certified therapist in “Energy Washout” treatment (Dr. Nader Butto’s mind-body system).

I am convinced beyond doubt that almost anything can be cured naturally – Without medication, shots, chemo or surgeries.

I realized that I can share this knowledge with other people who can use it and benefit from it as much as me and my friends and loved ones.

I am not a doctor and all of the information you’ll find here is based on my personal research and testimonials I’ve collected over the years and still do every day. See my full disclaimer here.

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If you’re new here, I recommend starting at my natural remedies category, and if you are into natural anti-aging and beauty recipes – hop over to my natural beauty category.

I really hope you find some of this helpful and I wish you great health and amazing life.

Meital James

meital james




6 thoughts on “About Meital James”

  1. Joe,
    I would start with Magnesium oil as instructed in the post first.
    I don’t sell any products of my own, I just recommend the ones I know and tried. Google Magnesium oil in Nigeria and I’m sure you’ll find it.
    Good luck!

  2. Tnx Meital. Read your post on Restress leg syndrome and the result one can get with magnesium oil. Please what combination of the products will be ok for me to have a cure from this RL’S. I write from Nigeria. Hope you ship your products to Nigeria? Hear from you soon

  3. my husband used apple cidar vinger and apple juice for my gallblatter pain and it didn’t help, what should i do?

  4. Really bad
    Back from an accident had a chiropractor do medicare fraud and is trying to
    Charge my credit card $1,500. I only saw him 4 times and his inexperienced staff made my back worse. Decompression therapy does work but insurance doesn’t cover, limited budget due to being disabled. Can’t use inversions because of head injury, what is the best home equipment? Plus I am sending this from a remote place and wanted to send your blog to my email. Thank you. Great

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