Best Magnesium Oil Uses: Pain Relief, Skin, Hair & More

magnesium oil uses and benefits

I discovered the amazing magnesium oil uses while looking for a natural solution for my sleep-deprived sister, suffering from a stiff neck and headaches almost every morning. After only a week of using pure transdermal magnesium oil (I got her this one, after some research), my sister is now insomnia-free and no longer suffers from neck … Read more

The 5 Best Ways to Increase Collagen In Your Skin (Naturally)

increase collagen production

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about wrinkle reduction and younger-looking skin? Collagen production, of course. It’s the most abundant protein in our body, especially type 1 collagen. It’s found in your skin, bones, muscles, tendons, gut, blood vessels, and even your teeth. It’s what keeps your skin’s elasticity and … Read more