Homemade Makeup Recipes: My All-Time Favorite Resource

Formaldehyde. Coal tar. Petroleum. Parabens. Phthalates. Titanium Dioxide. Lead. These are only some of the toxic chemicals hiding in your innocent-looking mineral makeup, and the main reason to find the best homemade makeup recipes. (And you paid more than $30 to rub these toxins on your skin, which “happily” absorbs them and transfers them straight … Read more

The World’s Best Homemade Natural Skin Care Recipes

In our modern world, filled with toxins and chemicals, the importance of using homemade natural skin care treatment can simply no longer be ignored. The industrial skin care products, and even many of the so-called “natural” products are full of chemicals and questionable ingredients. But who needs them, when the blogosphere if full of easy, … Read more