The Ultimate DIY Anti-Aging Serum Recipe (100% Natural, Low Cost)

ultimate homemade anti aging serum

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Anti-aging creams and serums are by far the most expensive skin care products on the market.


Until just a few years ago, I was more than willing to spend up to one-third of my paycheck on my skincare products, hoping to strip a few years off my “exhausted” face.

Thankfully, now I know better.

I know for a fact that a homemade natural anti-aging serum, made from organic food and natural oils is just as effective as those fancy money-eating industrial moisturizers and serums.

And I know I don’t want chemical preservatives, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dioxine swimming in my bloodstream.

So, today I want to share with you my favorite homemade anti-aging recipe:

 The Ultimate Homemade Anti Aging Serum

Oil-based serum, often known as a facial oil, is the best way to keep fine lines and wrinkles and fine lines at bay – for all skin types.

Until a week ago, I’ve only used Jojoba oil to clean and moisturize my face.

But then I’ve discovered Citrine Joyous’ wonderful e-book – “Citrine’s Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets“.

Citrine, a certified herbalist and aromatherapist, has agreed that I share one of her amazing and little known anti-aging secrets – “The Aromatherapy Nourishing Serum”.

(Below is a screenshot from the e-book)

homemade anti aging serum

This easy-peasy recipe has worked wonders on my wrinkles, crow’s-feet and tired-looking, dry skin.

Homemade Anti-Aging Serum Ingredients:

Mix everything together and put in a dark airtight container, preferably a glass container with a dropper for easy use), and shake well.

Keep in a cool, dry place for a week for all the ingredients to mix well and apply every day before bed.

(Note: Always store your serum in a dark and cool place and never apply essential oils directly without carrier oil).

I know that all the ingredients seem a bit costly upfront, but you can literally make dozens of serums with them and the price per one batch is only about 3.5 dollars (my accountant is doing a little happy dance in his chair now).

Plus, Vitamin E oil is a natural preservative, which makes this powerful homemade anti-aging serum last for 10-12 months.

My (Surprising) Results

As I said, I’ve only been using this recipe for a week but I can already see the effect. My crow’s feet and fine lines are diminished and my skin looks hydrated and smooth.

(I tried taking my picture with my cell phone but I couldn’t for the life of me take a good photo of my face before and after, sorry).

I’m absolutely thrilled I stumbled upon this magic-in-a-bottle recipe, and dozens of more homemade cleansers, facial masks, facial scrubs, anti-aging foods and supplements in Lleaon’s pdf.

Bonus Tip

[yellowbox]I use this low cost (yet highly effective), heated face massager, to help absorb my serum better in my skin while increasing blood circulation and promoting collagen production.[/yellowbox]

(Plus, it’s such a relaxing and pleasant experience)

More Anti-Aging Secrets 

I can honestly say that Citrine’s book is a treasure of little known anti-aging secrets – all of them can be done by yourself at home, using the food you have in your kitchen (I love edible skincare…)


I’ve also taken her advice and started adding anti-aging foods into my daily meals, exercising my facial muscles with her Yoga facial exercises and making her food-based cleansers, facial masks and moisturizers.

Most of the recipes are so simple that my 5-year-old can make them (and did!).

Here are some of the things I’ve learned in Citrine’s e-book:

  • 10 Anti-Aging mantras that can change how you look and feel
  • Anti-aging superfoods and supplements that can reverse aging (like goji berries and fermented cod liver oil)
  •  Anti-aging secrets from around the world (Japan, Egypt, South America, France and more) and how to use them.
  • Ancient Ayurvedic anti-aging secrets
  • Homemade recipes for anti-aging exfoliators, facial masks, facial scrubs, toners, serums, everything. Especially loved the eyelash booster.
  • Anti-aging hair spa recipes
  • And even anti-aging crystal therapy (haven’t heard of it? Time to find out…)

What about you? have you ever made your own anti-aging serum?

To your health and happiness,


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  1. I’m coming back to this to make a refill. I always made with Tsp, not Tbsp. I see there is a comment regarding this as well. I’ve used it for two years with only the 3 teaspoons of carrier oil, etc…. my dropper bottle is too small for the revised recipe.

  2. I would like to make this serum and others, but please can someone confirm the measurement Tsp…is that a teaspoon or a Tablespoon?? a friend asked this question, but for some reason, her question is not showing on this page.. We can not order the oils if we do not know the quantities needed?


  3. Is there an alternative for the Frankincense oil? and how would an alternative affect the results

  4. You can use it during the day but it’s a serum – not a moisturizer. This means that it is usually used as a basis under a moisturizer. You only use a few drops of the serum. I hope this helps.

  5. Hi! I am glad that you shared this recipe but I am curious about the note that you mentioned as a caution. You mentioned ‘never apply essential oils without a carrier oil’? Which one of the oils in the recipe act as a carrier oil? Thanks!

  6. Hello
    You said use it at night – can i use it during day instead of moisturizer. I want to use Alovera , glycerine, vit e & rosewater at night… does that combination of using this in the day and the aloevera at night work? this is all as moisturizer ?

  7. Hi,
    I love your recipe, but I am really hoping to minimize the cost. Which of these oils can I remove from the recipe but would still give me the best results? Thanks!

  8. Hi, I live in India. Can I get rosehip oil, carrot oil and primrose oil easily and from where? Thanks

  9. excellent article loved it. can you tell me which is better to store the serum Frost Black Glass bottle or amber glass bottle?

  10. If you go by the recipe, do you need to add any other carrier oil with it, before you apply?

  11. Hi there – I look forward to trying this recipe! I’m curious – do you apply this all over your face, and how much do you end up using each time? How does it spread?

  12. Meital, thank you for sharing this very informative post to us! I think I should try his anti-aging serum at home, I hope I can make a one that will really work.

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