Homemade Makeup Recipes: My All-Time Favorite Resource

homemade makeup recipes

Formaldehyde. Coal tar. Petroleum. Parabens. Phthalates. Titanium Dioxide. Lead.

These are only some of the toxic chemicals hiding in your innocent-looking mineral makeup, and the main reason to find the best homemade makeup recipes.

(And you paid more than $30 to rub these toxins on your skin, which “happily” absorbs them and transfers them straight to your blood stream.)

Dozens of studies have shown that the toxic chemicals in your makeup, eyeliner, blush and lipstick can increase the risk of early menopause, nervous system disruption, chronic illness, birth defects and of course cancer.

3 Reasons to Go For Homemade Makeup Recipes

Did you know? even the most “natural” and “organic” makeup is not 100% safe.

For example:

The organic lipstick may be lead-free but still contain Titanium Dioxide (E-171).


1. You can easily make fabulous makeup at home using only organic food and minerals.

How about feeling safe knowing the exact ingredients applied on your face?

You can make makeup for you (and your family to use every day (and on Halloween!) that is 100% natural, using mostly edible ingredients.

2. Homemade makeup recipes are easy! No need to start building a lab and hire a Chemistry professor.

Most recipes are so simple that your kid can make them, and take less than 5 minutes to make.

3. You will save piles of money.

For example, making your own mineral makeup will cost you no more than 5$ (for 1 year supply), while buying one will rob you out of $35.

The (Tasty) Ingredients for Your Homemade Makeup

Some of the simple ingredients you’ll need to make your own makeup are:

1. Beet, or beet powder.

2. Organic Aloe Vera

3. Hibiscus Tea Leaves

4. Blackberries

5. Arrowroot powder

6. Cocoa Powder

7. Jojoba oil/Coconut oil

8. Beeswax

9. Cinnamon Powder

10. Spirulina

Just until a few months ago, I never imagined I could make my own makeup from these things. Can you?

How I Make My Own Makeup, Blush, Eyeliner, Lip Gloss and More


At first I tried to experiment with these ingredients by myself, using tips from here and there.

I’ve learned that beet, cranberries and some tea leaves are natural colors you can use for makeup.

I’ve learned that eye shadow can be made with activated charcoal, that arrowroot can be mixed with stuff like cocoa powder to make eye shadow, or with to make eyeliner.

I’ve learned that I can use Vitamin E oil (from capsules, for example) as a safe preservative.

I made my lip gloss using coconut oil mixed with some crushed cranberries juice (the only problem was it was so yummy I licked it off in 2 minutes).

[/yellowbox]See how I’ve made my own mascara from a pinch of activated charcoal mixed with some Aloe-Vera. It’s easy and eye-healthy![/yellowbox]

I’ve made my own blush from beet powder.

I’ve prepared my foundation from cornstarch mixed with Cinnamon powder.

I was quite happy with the results. It looked good and my skin felt smoother by the end of the day.

But than I found this fantastic guide.

Lori Klein, one of my favorite health bloggers, has just published her guide –  “Make Your Own Makeup from Organic Food and Minerals“.

I saw the images of her recipes and I just had to get it.

I couldn’t believe my amazing find.

This e-book is all I’ll ever need when it comes to homemade makeup recipes.

[yellowbox]It is 121 pages of easy recipes using only one to four ingredients, which can be made in less than 5 minutes.[/yellowbox]

It has gorgeous pictures for every recipe and each color, so you can choose the exact shade you want!

The only thing missing is instructions for how to NOT eat it!:)

Some of the Recipes I found (and Use Everyday Since…) are:

Homemade Natural Bronzer
Homemade Natural Bronzer
Homemade Blush
Homemade Blush
Homemade Lip Gloss
Homemade Lip Gloss


And The Full Recipes List:

1. Blush (In all textures and colors, 15 recipes)

2. Eyeliner (Mineral/Liquid, 9 recipes)

3. Eye shadow (7 colors, 15 recipes)

4. Mascara (6 recipes)

5. Eyebrow Pencil (5 recipes)

6. Lip Gloss / Lip Tint (10 recipes)

7. Lip Balm (4 recipes)

8. Foundation & Primer (22 recipes!)

9. Color Stick (4 recipes)

10. Bronzer (6 recipes)

11. And a great bonus – 3 recipes for Facial Moisturizers!

Needless to say, I’ve been making ALL of my makeup ever since.

I love how it feels on my skin.

I love knowing the exact stuff that goes on my face and I love the skin-rejuvenating qualities of my homemade makeup. I can definitely see the difference on my face.

No more sad and tired looking skin, clogged pores and puffy/burning eyes at the end of the day.

No more hard-earned money down the drain. And my daughter can borrow my makeup anytime she wants!:)

Are you still here? I wouldn’t be if I were you. I’d already be off making the safest makeup possible for me and my family. And for a fraction of the industrial crap cost.

How about you? Are you going to try and make your own makeup?

To your health and happiness,


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  1. It’s really a amazing post! I have never heard about home made make up before it, First time i read here. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful & natural ways to make own makeup products. I truly appreciate your home made recipes. Keep going..

  2. Brandi,

    I’m sure it would, you’ll love it:)

    I recommend the oil cleansing method for your oily skin, great results for me and many others.

  3. My face is very oily, & if this homemade makeup can clear this up for me, I would be one happy woman. I pray that this book will help my skin to it glows & has youthful glow.

  4. Thanks for this great list! If I had more time, I would make my own natural makeup. I like the lip gloss idea, though. I might try that.

  5. I love everything natural and have tried a few remedies with promising results. Thank you for sharing your secrets with me. I definitely will try the make up and others listed.

  6. With all of the toxic chemicals and hazardous ingredients in commercial makeup, it is more important than ever to learn how to make our own safe and natural makeup! I love to make my own natural lip gloss but I am looking forward to trying many of the recipes you identified.
    Thank you so much for sharing this valuable post with us on the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Hop! We sincerely appreciate it!

  7. Thanks for the post, I love to make my own personal care products and make up has been the last item on my list, I know where to go now and save myself a lot of google time.

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