10 Ways to Increase Blood Circulation in Legs & Feet (Naturally)

tips to increase blood circulation naturally

Increasing the blood circulation in your legs and feet naturally – is not as hard as you may think – and can improve blood-flow-related health conditions – greatly. In fact, the simple tips you’ll find below are mostly effortless, work super-quickly, and you may even enjoy doing them. 😊 Did you know? Tingling hands and … Read more

11 Science-Backed Remedies for Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief

It can be so frustrating trying to find relief from arthritis and joint pain, especially when it feels like traditional medications just aren’t cutting it. That’s why I’m so excited to share with you the best and most researched natural remedies for arthritis. These remedies range from natural supplements to herbal remedies to aromatherapy and … Read more

The 15 Best Natural Antibiotics (Foods & Herbs)

best natural antibiotics proven remedies viruses and bacteria

Do you remember your last experience with antibiotics? Yikes. It’s what drove me to research the best natural antibiotics – from mother nature. The constant fatigue, the digestion problems and just knowing how it destroys your gut bacteria and immunity – have all developed an antibiotic-phobia in me. Granted, pharmaceutical antibiotics will destroy most kinds … Read more