6 Incredible Uses for Oregano Oil (Internal & Topical)

Did you know?

Oregano Oil was recently found to be much better than all the 18 currently used antibiotics in the treatment of MRSA staph infections.

This super herb is rich in antioxidants. The strong phenol antioxidants destroy pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and yeasts, which means there are many health benefits and uses for oregano oil, as you’ll see below.

oil of oregano uses

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(👉 Oregano Oil is listed as number one in my list of the 15 best natural antibiotics)

The Unique Quality of Oregano Oil

Organic Oregano Oil – 75% Carvacrol

According to studies, Oregano oil is the third-highest herb in oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) with an impressive score of 200,129.

Oregano is one of the world’s greatest sources of the powerful phenol component thymol. Thymol is great for improving digestive function as well as destroying harmful microbes”.

The best use of oregano oil is as a disinfectant.

It will be beneficial for any sort of bacterial or viral conditions, such as ear, nose, and throat infections, respiratory diseases, Candida, acne, and much more.

It also works to suppress inflammatory mediators and cancer cell production (it contains rosmarinic acid which has very strong cancer-fighting properties).

And the best news:

Oil of oregano is a powerful painkiller.

An article published in Phytotherapy Research describes how oregano oil superseded (came before) anti-inflammatory drugs in reversing pain and inflammation, and is nearly as powerful as morphine as a pain-killer.

In his book “Herbal Renaissance,” Steven Foster credits oregano as having “been employed to treat indigestion, diarrhea, nervous tension, insect bites, toothache, earache, rheumatism, and coughs due to whooping cough and bronchitis (primarily for its antispasmodic effects).”

Oil of Oregano is helpful because it penetrates the skin and reaches as far as the synovial fluid in joints, which helps alleviate arthritis, Bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sore muscles, sports injuries, and backaches because it helps pull toxins out.

All forms of Arthritis and even Fibromyalgia are caused by toxins that the body it trying to fight.

How to Use Oregano Oil at Home

Here’s how to use the mighty Oregano Oil:

Headaches and migraines –  for a mild headache, hold the oregano oil under your nose and take a few long breaths. For a migraine, apply to the temples, forehead, and between your eyebrows

Cold and Sore Throat – add up to 8 drops (for adults only) in warm water and drink slowly, once a day.

A cough – put 1 drop of Oregano Oil in a teaspoon of honey or a small glass of water and swallow. If you don’t like the taste use an empty capsule.

Skin Tags and Plantar Warts – put 3 drops of the oil in a carrier oil and rub on the wart or skin tags, once a day for a few days until they disappear.

Athlete’s feet – mix a few drops of oregano oil, lavender, and coconut oil, rub on the feet and it will completely kill an athlete’s feet. if you are consistent.

Tooth/Gum infections – use oregano oil diluted 1:10 with olive oil. Rub with a Q-tip, let sit for 10 minutes and rinse with warm saltwater. Repeat 3 times a day. This helps even when antibiotics fail.

Sinus Infections – Oregano oil is one of the best ways to get rid of a sinus cold. You can use it by inhalation (add a few drops to a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam), topically (by massaging a few drops diluted with a carrier oil onto your sinus area), or orally (2-8 drops mixed in a glass of water).

Joint Pain Relief – Mix a few drops of oregano oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, and massage it onto the affected area. This can help to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief.

How to Choose the Best Oregano Oil

It is important not to confuse the Oil of Oregano with the common oregano that is used as a spice for cooking. Common oregano is typically Origanum Marjoram, while the Oil of Oregano is derived from Origanum Vulgare.

When you buy oregano oil, make sure that the oil is derived from the proper potent oregano plant, and that the carvacrol (active ingredient) concentration is at least 70%.

Look for a brand that uses pure, wild-crafted oregano oil that is free from additives or fillers. Avoid brands that use a mixture of oils or that add synthetic ingredients.

teliaoils oregano oil
Teliaoils Oregano Oil with 83% carvacrol – view on Amazon

After a long search, I have found 2 brands of oregano oil that deliver these properties – Teliaoils Oregano Oil, which has 83% carvacrol, and  Source Naturals Wellness Oil of Oregano.

Also, make sure the oil was extracted through steam distillation – this method is considered the most effective way to preserve the oil’s natural properties.

Is Oregano Oil the Strongest Natural Antibiotic?

According to WebMD:

“Several studies have shown the powerful antibacterial properties of oregano oil, even against antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. In one study that tested the antibacterial effects of a range of essential oils, oregano oil was found to be the most powerful inhibitor of bacterial growth”

In my years of experience, I haven’t found a more potent natural antibiotic. However, just like a regular antibiotic, you can’t use it regularly because it may harm your gut microbiome. Use it for no longer than a week for acute conditions or flare-ups only.

Is Oregano Oil Safe?

This is quite a powerful oil, so if you are taking any kind of medication please consult with your doctor before you use it orally (No more than 4-5 drops in a glass of water), especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffer from a chronic health condition.

To your health and happiness,



Leyva-López N, Gutiérrez-Grijalva EP, Vazquez-Olivo G, Heredia JB. Essential Oils of Oregano: Biological Activity beyond Their Antimicrobial Properties. Molecules. 2017 Jun 14;22(6):989.

26 thoughts on “6 Incredible Uses for Oregano Oil (Internal & Topical)”

  1. This oil taken drops in water has speeded my recovery from gastric viral flu. I am never without it.

  2. North American Herb and Spice is the best Oil of Oregano call Oreganol.
    Processed without solvents, company uses CO2 process and uses 3rd party testing.
    Check out their website.

  3. I started using oregano for Hepatitis C type II in a rare form and it put the Hep C in remission. Multiple tests were conducted and several examinations and there was not a trace of the Hep C virus. I used the Gel capsules and was told to place them under the tongue 3 to 4 four times daily.

    1 drop Oregano and 1 drop Tea Tree Oil per 1-2ml of Jojoba or Coconut Oil [i.e. 15-30 drops of each oil per 1oz. of Carrier base oil] at bedtime is my “Go-To” recipe for removing dry brown moles, skin tags, and treating Candida skin rashes (Groins, under breasts, skin folds, etc.) and “Toenail Crud”.

    Topical, Superficial Skin conditions get fast results; rashes have usually gone within 3 days; moles and skin tags dry up and fail off within 2 weeks. Toenails take about a year to allow new healthy tissue to grow out while the fungus is being killed. I mix up my recipe in plastic cosmetics “travel” 60-120ml. (2-4oz) bottles with pumps or sprays found at Dollar Stores or Wal-Mart and give to friends whenever they mention that they are suffering from any of these issues.

    Warning: Oregano burns, it is very strong, must always be diluted in oil, and wash your hands after use if you are going to touch your face or your eyes will burn also. Even diluted you will feel a burn for a few minutes; if longer than that, dilute your mixture with more carrier oil.
    I find using it with Tea Tree oil, decreases the burn and increases the efficacy of the treatments, as described above.

  4. Hi would you suggest taking oregano oil for lung infections such as pseudomonas and A typical bacteria? and how would you take it?


  5. Oregano oil is the ultimate antibiotic. Oregano is a powerful herb with unique healing properties. It is a great natural alternative treatment for many skin problems. Oregano oil has been recognized as a very effective herb for various skin diseases including warts, moles, acne, skin tags, athlete’s foot.

  6. Ahhhh…o.k:)

    When I use it for an acute condition, I take 8 drops in a glass of water, 3 times a day (always, because it’s very strong) on an empty stomach.

    I hope this helps and let me know how it works for you, o.k?

  7. thx, I am aware of d-mannose but my uti is caused by the enterococcus bacteria and d-mannose works only for e.Coli, that’s why I am looking into oregano oil ….. how much would you suggest? thx

  8. how much , how many times/day and which brand would you recommend for a stubborn UTI that doesn’t respond to antibiotics?

  9. Kristy,

    I wouldn’t use oregno oil inside the ear, but you can mix it with warm olive oil and rub around your ears, it’s a powerful remedy.

    It’s so strong that you won’t even have to put it inside the ear. Outside is enough…

    I hope this helps and let me know how it has wirked for you…:)

  10. Do you think that this could be added to olive oil? I’ve been battling an ear infection for a while and I’ve seen recipes for drops you can put in your ear… wondering if you’ve ever done anything like this?

  11. Liz,

    That’s great! Go your way and don’t listen to others…they obviously don’t know what you do yet…
    Thanks for sharing your remedy with me and my readers!:)

  12. I am glad I found this! I use Young Living Essential Oils and have been battling a sinus infection this weekend. In the past, that would mean seeing my doctor and doing two rounds of antibiotics because just one never worked. I started with a capsule of oregano oil, mountain savory oil, peppermint oil and an oil blend called Thieves, (2 drops of each), and 5 drops of coconut oil. I take it 3 times a day and on day two I am feeling so much better! I have family members who tell me natural medicine is unsafe and unwise, and I do still see my doctor for regular checks, but I prefer God’s medicine!

  13. Great post! We stick to herbs, essential oils and other natural remedies, too. 🙂

    I’m featuring your post on the newly relaunched Weekend Whatever Link-up! I hope we see you again, soon.

    I did want to mention that I was looking into the Source Naturals Oil of Oregano and the capsule appears to just be oregano oil, but the liquid form is diluted to one part oregano oil to two parts olive oil. I’m sure that’s to keep from burning the skin when it’s applied topically. Just thought that was interesting. Here’s the link where I found that: https://www.sourcenaturals.com/products/GP1237/

    Thanks so much!! I’ll also be Pinning and sharing your post.

  14. Amanda:)

    I mean Oregano essential oil, not oregano-infused oil. You’re right, I should clarify this in my post, and I will!

    Thank you for visiting and for your comment!:)

  15. Shingles!! Absolutely the BEST to treat shingles and the pain! I had a bad case on my lower leg, from my knee to my foot, and with a combination of topically applying Oreganol every 4-6 hrs (whenever it started to hurt again), changing my diet to high lysine foods, and taking large doses of Vit C, I was on the mend within 1 wk, and completely symptom-free by 2 wks. The Oreganol gave me complete pain relief from 4-6 hrs at a time – it literally felt miraculous!

  16. Thanks for sharing on Natural Living Monday!

    Are you talking about oregano essential oil or an oil infused with oregano? The literature is very confusing and not exact at all about “oil of oregano”. I would love clarification. Thanks!

  17. Hi Erin:)

    For acne I would suggest using Oregano Oil internally instead of externally. For topical treatment of acne I recommend you try some known remedies such as lemon, turmeric and my favorite – Baking soda paste (water + baking soda) – It works great!

  18. Nice informative article. I’m interested in using oregano for acne. Is there some kind of carrier that would work instead of an oil? What about aloe gel for a carrier? Could oregano mix with the gel? Thanks!

  19. I don’t exactly have acne but when I do break out I like to use the dead sea facial exfoliator mask by swisa beauty. My cousin got it for me from their spa and it works excellent and it’s not like a regular scratchy exfoliator it’s a gel you rub on your face. It helps smooth and replenish your skin and it helps to prevent blemishes without all of those harsh chemicals please don’t waste your money on Proactiv or Murad those things don’t really work they just make your skin dry and irritated

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