What’s the Best Home Remedy for Dry Eyes Syndrome?

Are your eyes frequently red, itchy, stingy, blurry or burning?

Are they sensitive to light, easily irritated by wind or smoke?

Do you have difficulty wearing contact lenses?

You’re about to discover what could be the world’s best home remedy for dry eyes.home remedy for dry eyes

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But there’s a great natural solution for dry eyes out there, and you’ll find out about it – right now.

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What Causes Dry Eyes?

dry eyes causes

Basically, dry eyes are caused by a lack of adequate tear secretion in the tear duct.

Did you know?

An estimated 4.88 million Americans age 50 and older have dry eyes. Of these, over 3 million are women and 1.68 million are men.

Your tears are a complex blend of fatty oils, water, and mucus, which makes the surface of your eyes smooth and clear and protects them from infection.

1. For some people, an imbalance in the composition of the tears causes chronic dry eyes. For others, lack of enough tears (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) to keep their eyes comfortably lubricated is the main cause.

2. Other possible causes are a virus, eyelid problems, and working long hours in front of a computer (not enough blinking).

3. Some medical conditions can cause dry eyes symptoms: Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hormonal imbalance, Lupus, Scleroderma, Sjogren’s syndrome, Thyroid problems, and Vitamin A deficiency.

4. Laser eye surgery – can cause decreased tear production.

5. Contact Lenses – can cause chronic dry eyes.

6. Medication that can cause dry eyes: Blood Pressure medication, Antihistamines, and decongestants, Certain antidepressants, and Hormone Replacement Therapy.

All of these can cause dry eye symptoms.

The Problem with OTC Medication 

There are a couple of problems:

1. They don’t resolve the problem; they just temporarily relieve symptoms.

2. Most of them don’t even work. (And they are expensive!)

What if I told you that an extremely effective, non-expensive home remedy for dry eyes exists, and could be hiding under your nose in your kitchen?

The Ultimate Home Remedy for Dry Eyes

I’m not going to keep you in suspense any longer. I’ll just tell you that this natural eye care home remedy does not “care” about the cause of your eye condition.

pure organic castor oil eye drops
Nature Drop 100% pure, USDA organic castor oil

Whether it’s from working in front of a computer all day, wearing contact lenses, lack of tears, oils, screws, or bolts…This dry-eye remedy is a drug-free, dramatically effective solution that many of us keep in our kitchens.

I know what my grandmother used to do, and now new research confirms what she recommends

Pure, Hexane-Free, Cold Pressed Castor Oil.

That’s all you’ll need to ease your red, itchy, and painful eyes.

Oh, and a dropper bottle too.

I’ve suffered from dry eyes for years, to the point I couldn’t wear my contact lenses at all, which was a tragedy to my facial appearance, to say the least.

(My thick glasses make my eyes seem really small, so I basically look like a tired owl)

Needless to say, I have tried dozens of OTC eyedrops, with all the preservatives in them. None of them worked.

After endless online research, I found the inexpensive and natural Castor Oil and decided to give it a try.

How Did I Treat Myself?

I was cautious and started lubricating with CO gradually by applying a tiny amount on my upper eyelids before bed. No side effects happened and my eyes felt a bit more moist in the morning.

The night after I applied this Castor Oil on both my upper and lower eyelids and in the corner of my eye, allowing it to get inside a bit by rolling my eyes around.

The next day I washed my eyes with an eyewash and put on my contacts.

For the entire day, they have not bothered me – even once.

I was so thrilled I jumped weirdly up and down around my house.

The night after I started applying one drop of Castor Oil (I bought a simple dropper) inside my eyes and kept doing that for about 15 days.

(As with everything else, not all Castor Oils are equal, and you must use a hexane-free, cold-pressed, organic Castor oil, in a glass bottle!)

Since then I’ve been able to wear contact lenses throughout the day, every day, with no problem.

Whenever I feel my eyes becoming dry again, I rinse (literally) and repeat.

The white of the eyes seems much whiter and less yellow!

And… my lashes seem to be growing longer and thicker. Yay!

The Best Castor Oil Eye Drops (for Dry Eyes/Cataracts)

pure organic castor oil eye drops
Nature Drop 100% pure, USDA organic castor oil

The Castor Oil that I use is the Nature Drop Castor oil eye drops.  It’s pharmaceutical, cold-pressed, hexane-free, and certified organic.

1 drop in each eye before you go to sleep – is all you need to do. Let your eyes adapt for a few days.

But wait!

Wait! Before You Run to Try Castor Oil…!

(Read to the end of the article to know whether it can work for you too, and the possible side effects)

Over time I’ve seen dozens, if not hundreds of people sharing their success with this home relief for chronic dry eye, so I can assure you – I’m not the only one.

Here’s one of the dozens of testimonials from the Earth Clinic Website, for instance:

“…I tried 2 drops of cold pressed, cold processed castor oil every night in an 8-oz bottle. The thick, oozy liquid felt like molasses, but the next day I received a pleasant surprise: I could see better than I had in days!

Every day improved, until by the 10th day, my eyes were healed – and the “dry eye” never returned! I cancelled my eye doctor visits and never went back. Never once did I notice the slightest side effect.”

To know if it works for you too – you’ll have to give it a try.

But you can’t quit after a week if it doesn’t work!

Many people say that it takes a lot of time, even a few weeks to feel the difference, so don’t lose hope and quit if it doesn’t work after one week!

Be warned – do this gradually, as I did.

Listen to your body. If you apply it on your eyelids and wake up swollen and redder, this home remedy is NOT for you.

Also, make sure to read the possible side effects and risks below.

Below are 2 more incredible beauty benefits of castor oil!

Is Castor Oil Dangerous for the Eyes?

Is it safe to put Castor Oil directly in your eyes?

According to this study, which tested treatment with Castor Oil for patients with noninflamed obstructive meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) (a major cause of lipid-deficiency dry eye), Castor Oil is “effective and safe in the treatment of MGD”.

It’s critical to buy a hexane-free, pure, organic cold-pressed castor oil in a glass bottle.

If the oil is contaminated you can get an eye infection so proceed with caution.

Can Castor Oil Dissolve Cataracts?

in a 2018 case report published in NDNR, castor oil drops were used twice a day to treat age-related cataracts in an elderly patient.

He reported subjective improvement in visual acuity.

The visual exam revealed that while the left eye remained stable at 20/50, visual acuity in his affected right eye had improved from 20/100 (1 month earlier) to 20/70.

Read: How to use Jamaican Black Castor Oil for hair growth!

 More Incredible Benefits of Castor Oil for Eyes

castor oil for eyes

Castor oil could be the best natural remedy for dry eyes, but your eyes will love it for 2 more incredible reasons:

1. Maybe you have heard about using Castor Oil to grow thicker and longer eyelashes?

Well, all I can say is that it WORKS.

2. And if that’s not enough, Castor Oil can almost eliminate dark under-eye circles and puffiness.

I love 3-in-1 kind of home remedies…don’t you?

See the 10 undeniable reasons to use castor oil on the face overnight, and why it’s the best oil I’ve ever used on my skin.

And now over to you:

How many dry eye remedies have you tried? Have you ever tried Castor Oil?

I can’t wait to hear your results and of course – other suggestions and home remedies you’d like to share with us in the comments below.

To your health and happiness,



You’ll be missing out if you don’t discover all the amazing uses for Castor oil – and why I use it on my face – every day.


Goto E, Shimazaki J, Monden Y, Takano Y, Yagi Y, Shimmura S, Tsubota K. Low-concentration homogenized castor oil eye drops for noninflamed obstructive meibomian gland dysfunction. Ophthalmology. 2002 Nov;109(11):2030-5.

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  1. I recently started using a castor oil “pack” over my liver to help detox from Lyme disease, when a friend said she’d heard you could use it in your eyes too…I have suffered from ocular rosacea for years, and severe dry eye in the past year…so I gave it a try about 10 days ago. I had no ill effects, and applying it once per evening (when my eyes would get dry) was enough to prevent dryness all night, and I’ve had clear eyes ever since. I’m sold on it!

  2. Very impressed to say the least with using this product. After many visits to eye Doctors with no fix, this has done the trick for me and I have passed this on to others that I know and they have had nothing but positive results. Very inexpensive as I bought mine at Nutters here in Alberta Canada as well they carried the Eye Dropper……less than $15 bucks. Far cry from all the meds the Doctors have pushed on me.


  3. Hi james,
    I’m glad i found your site. Thanks a million for the tips. Will definitely try CO for my dry eyes

  4. Hello, please help me, I have dry eyes, my moebian glands are clogged because of my blepharitis, could the castor oil help me in this situation?

  5. Hi,
    I have had dry eyes since my son was born (about 7 years now), very similar to both my parents. I notice it mostly in the winter, so it’s not very severe. I now have seasonal allergies and allergies to dust mites so there is a lot going on that bothers my eyes.
    After changing to a new allergist I am properly treating my allergies but that means antihistamines, nose spray, and eye drops for allergies. On top of this, she has have given me a prescription drop for dry eyes (the OTC ones didn’t really help).

    I am not thrilled about taking all these extra medications on a forever basis and want to try the CO at a minimum for the dry eye issue. Has anyone posted any comments about interactions between allergy eye drops and the CO? I take the allergy eye drops twice a day – morning and night.

  6. Castor oil definitely works for dry eyes, but you do need to be careful and ONLY use a good quality, pure, hexane-free, organic, cold-pressed castor oil. Some people have suffered side effects from this remedy, mainly because they used the wrong type of oil.

  7. Thanks for your update Rosemary. I recommend that you look into leaky gut natural treatment. It is mostly the cause of allergies. Maybe if you’ll try to fix the root cause you won’t need to struggle this much. All the best to you both.

  8. Dear Meital, thank you for answering our questions. Sadly, Mom made a reaction to it. She was determined to give it an honest try but on day 3, of just putting it on her arm, she broke out with blisters. We had so much hope for this being the answer.

    She is allergic to coconut oil.

    Although I couldn’t find anything online about using 100 % mineral oil and eyes, we decided to try this on her arm also, after all, they use it in the eye ointment she could use, but she likewise made a reaction.

    I’m sending this update but I hope it will not be seen as a negative. Mom just happens to be allergic to almost everything and I’m sure if it hadn’t been for this, this would have been the answer to our prayers. I’ll keep researching and will hopefully find something that will work for her.

    Thank you, for all your help in this matter

  9. Elizabeth,

    Castor oil is almost odorless but is not tasteless. You can still give it a try by rubbing a little of it on the back of her arm and see if she reacts to it. If not, you can rub just a drop underneath the eye and see if it’s o.k.
    By the way, you can also try fractionated coconut oil, which is odorless and almost tasteless, many people find that coconut oil helps dry eyes as well. I hope this helps and all the best to you and your mom.

  10. Dear Meital, I would like to thank you for your suggestion because nothing else worked for me but castor oil. For one year my eyes are good like never before and credit goes to you. Thanks a lot 🙂

  11. This website may be the answer to our prayers. My Mom suffers from severe dry eye but is allergic to almost everything. There was only one over-the-counter eye ointment she could use and it is no longer available. Could you please tell me if the castor oil you recommended has a smell or a taste? If it is odorless and tasteless, we will be giving this a try. If it does have a scent and taste, we already know she’ll not be able to use it. God bless you for the time and effort you have put into this web page. It is offering people hope and as I read through all the comments, it’s changing lives. Hoping Mom will be one of those who will benefit from all your hard work. Thank You!

  12. I can’t say about other people, but it’s what happened with me. I’m sure other people were cured from dry eyes spontaneously, just like people were cured all around the world from other health condition that were diagnosed as chronic or terminal. Belief in what you’re doing and in positive outcome is always the basis for that.

  13. I am not a doctor and I can’t say for sure, but maybe the redness is a Diabetes side effect? I would ask my doctor about this. If you are trying for 2 weeks and it still hasn’t helped, it may not help at all. Again, consult with your doctor.

  14. I bought other brands of castor oil, but the same as 100% pure castor oil hexane and chemical-free. I have a dry eye but only red eyes.. no hurt no burning. I’m 15 days that I use that Castor oil. but my eyes still red. what should I do? I quit or I do it for 90 days? I have diabetes is that working? Please reply

  15. Have people in the past been permanently cured of dry eyes meaning (eyes returned to functioning normally without any remedies or medications) or is this just a treatment that you have to keep up with every so often?

  16. Hello. You mentioned the morning after you apply the oil, you wash your eyes with an eye wash. Any you would recommend? Thanks.

  17. this blog is active? pls answer me, if dry eyes from bacteria this castor oil not work? pls help me

  18. Can anyone who wears contacts tell me if they have been able to put them inthe next morning after using CO drops the night before?

  19. For me it was very gradual. It was reduced week to week like you asked. But my experience doesn’t really matter because it works differently for each person since we are not the same…
    That’s good news about the increase in tears though, right?
    I would keep going a bit more and most importantly – expect good results. The more you believe in it – the better it will work.

  20. Hi Meital,

    You had mentioned before that it took about 2.5 months for the redness to go away, could you explain a bit further on your experience, like did the redness slowly reduce week to week, or was it there the whole time and only started showing signs of clearing up near the 2.5-month mark?

    I am noticing my tears increasing for sure but zero progress on the red veins in my eyes after 3 weeks of using it

  21. Hi Meital,
    I ordered the Castor Oil and it will be with me in a couple of days. Meanwhile, in my research online, I found that “Lutein and Zeaxanthin as Powerful Eye Formula Supplements” that helps treat Dry Eyes.

    What is your take on this?

    As I mentioned in my earlier threads, I have halos/glare and the supplements seem to be useful. Please suggest?

    Others as well please suggest me with your experiences if any… Thanks a Ton for this Blog

  22. Like I’ve mentioned in the post, this is a try-and-see kind of home remedy, but it hasn’t been tested in medical research. I think it can help’ but the only way to know it to try it…
    Start with applying only around your eyes and not inside them, and see how it goes from there.
    Let me know how it works for you, o.k?

  23. I have undergone a LASIK surgery one year back and have dry eyes and this is resulting in Double vision and halos. Do you think having CO helps? If so any idea, if it helps in

    1. Betterment of Vision
    2. Reduction of Double Vision/Halos
    3. Increase in Whiteness of Sclera

    I really appreciate your suggestions/input on this. Have gone through immense problems and depression because of all this. Thanks again

  24. Hi Meital,
    The one you mentioned is 16oz and for the testing purpose I would like to start with a smaller pack and so looking at “Heritage Store Castor Oil, 8 Ounce” @


    What do you think of it …coz it doesnt say ORGANIC anywhere!!!

    Expecting a reply from you. Thanks for your information. It is helping many lives… 🙂

  25. I bought this one: https://www.amazon.ca/Premium-Pure-Certified-Eyelashes-Applicator/dp/B071FQP8T9/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1513867271&sr=8-6&keywords=castor+oil

    I have now decided to order the same one you have recommended and it will arrive in a week.

    So far I have used the one I bought above for 7 days, right now I would say minor improvements as well, the comfort of my eyes has improved and I notice more moisture and tears. My main issues and challenges are right now the redness is pretty much exactly the same and when I wake up in the morning after sleeping 8 hours, it isn’t a moist feeling as soon as the alarm goes off, eyes are still very dry and it takes about 5 min after I wake up to feel the moisture and wetness in my eyes. Hopefully by switching brands and giving it much more time things will get better.

  26. I bought the CO that you recommended in your post.

    My eyelids still arent producing oils, but I’m hoping that with continued use, I will be permanently cured.


  27. I’ve been using CO for 12 days and I do feel minor improvements. I hope to see more positive changes in the upcoming weeks.

    Since I have MGD, will my eyelids’ oil glands be activated to secrete natural oils with the help of CO?

  28. I have another follow-up question, does the thickness of the oil matter? I have bought a cold-pressed, organic, hexane-free castor oil in a glass bottle from Amazon however reading the reviews on the one I bought compared to the one you have suggested (Heritage store), the one I bought isn’t as thick, do you think this matters? Thanks

  29. Based on your experience, how long do you think it takes for the redness to go away using Castor oil? I have moderate to severe dry eyes for about 4 months

  30. I think you just try to calm yourself down. These things take time and you are getting better. Trust that it just needs time and in a few days it will go away. I would try to ignore it for a week all together.

  31. I ordered the cold-pressed castor oil from Amazon. I am waiting for it. I have a question. My eyes were completely fine. There was some construction done in my house and the AC unit was changed. 3 days into sleep at my house after construction and AC change, my left eye started getting watery and red every morning. I went to the urgent care and was told it was conjunctivitis. The eye got better during and 2 days after treatment but then red again. I always wake up with bloodshot eyes. I went to an emergency ophthalmologist, she said I had blepharitis but did not tell me what kind. She just said to scrub my lids, and do warm compressions. My left eye is the one that really bothers me, I feel like I have something in it but I don’t. Both of my eyes are red, when I wake up and get better within 10 mins but I have small visible veins on my eyes now. I don’t crust on my eyelashes. I have a little discharge in the corner of my eyes something not every day. My eyelashes are falling out every day but my eyelids are not swollen or anything. I also experience blurriness that goes away once I blink in that same left eye. I am really depressed over this… is someone suffering from this? Please help me. What has worked for you?

  32. Oh wow! I didnt realize you had responded to my questions because I didnt receive notification and was expecting for it to show up in the public thread. Please disregard my previous post.

    Thanks for responding!

  33. Yes, it’s a good idea to wash the bottle. I would fill it up with vinegar to disinfect it, leave it in for 30 minutes and than wash it with soap.

  34. Should I wash the dropper bottle before pouring in the castor oil?

    Im really nervous about trying this so I want to ensure that I have detailed instructions and be prepared.

    I look forward to your responses!

  35. My last question is:

    Do I have rinse my eyes with water every morning?

    Thanks again!

  36. Hi Meital!
    I just ordered the recommended castor oil and dropper. I am eager to try this remedy after 3 months of dry eyes caused by looking at the partial solar eclipse without protective eyewear for 5 seconds in August (definitely not smart and I regret it!).


    should I use the dropper to put CO on my finger to rub along my eyelashes as to not contaminate the oil?

    How many years ago did you start using this remedy and how many times have you used it since? Are you permanently cured?

    I am so thrilled to have found this post. Thank you!

    Question 3:

  37. Jennifer,

    The oil doesn’t have to be refrigerated, but at least kept in a cool place, not exposed to light.
    Yes, I recommend applying before bed, for the exact reason you’ve mentioned. 🙂
    Come back and let us know your results…

  38. Hello! This treatment sounds fabulous! I try to minimize the number of chemicals I put in and on my body. Two quick questions: does the oil need to be refrigerated once in the dropper bottle? And do you apply before bed (I would assume because you aren’t going to have a very clear vision with oil in your eyes)?

  39. In this case than try not putting it inside your eyes, just rub it on your eye lids and under your eyes. Some people are sensitive to it, others are not. Listen to your body.

  40. I am a bit confused, as the castor oil recommended above specifically states to avoid contact with eyes……the 1st two nights I used it was ok – after that my eyes became extremely irritated & puffy. Two days later they are fine. I’ll try it once again to be sure that it wasn’t caused by some other factor – pretty desperate to not need prescription drops for my dry eye – over-the-counter drops are as bad as the castor oil 🙁

  41. Hi I live in adelaide and wonder if you know where i can get castor oil eye drops… Thanks

  42. Be very careful and put only on eyelids first before you go to bed. try not to open eyes. This oil was irritant for my eyes inside but great for eyelids. I had to switch to avocado oil because of this. when avocado oil gets into my eyes – it is fine.

  43. I just received my bottle of Heritage store castor oi. I have severe dry eye for the past nine months. On the label it says caution: avoid contact with eyes. Now I’m afraid to use it on my eyes. What’s up with this?

  44. I have had dry eyes for years, and never really thought there was anything I could do for it besides preservative-free eye drops. Will definitely try Castor Oil. I did just find the Heritage Store Castor Oil on iHerb.com for $12.88. May use Coconut Oil that I have here until the Castor Oil comes in. My dad also has dry eyes.

  45. Hi, Meital
    I have used CO for slightly more than a month now. I am glad to say that I feel better and have stopped using all other eye drops. After the 4th day of using CO, when I applied the eye drops which my doctor prescribed and I had been using for over a year doesn’t seem to agree with my eyes anymore. The drops made my eyes uncomfortable, prickly feeling. I don’t understand why. I wonder anyone of you had this experience of not able to use the eye drop which you once were able to use. Since then, I have stopped using all instead apply CO on my upper and lower eyelids at night, and the good feeling lasts the whole day. I am glad I gave it a try after all the frustration with the many eye drops and gel which failed to give me the normal comfortable feeling. Furthermore, as most of you have experienced, I had to apply every 10 – 15 mins with different types of drops and gel. PTL for this miracle oil. I will continue to update you from time to time and share my experience. All the best.

  46. Anna,

    Yes, to my knowledge styes can be a result of dry eyes.
    You can try coconut oil and even better – castor oil. Follow instructions in the post and see what happens, o.k?

  47. I suffer from dry eyes and recurring styes which my doctor says these are the result of my chronic dry eyes. I have used antibiotics by mouth, drops, and ointment for the styes to no avail. I have had the styes in both eyes at different times for about a year. I use warm compresses and wash my eyelids 2/3 times daily. I also use OTC drops for dry eyes and have used prescription drops for dry eyes. I have read that coconut oil is good for dry eyes. Do you know whether dry eyes are the cause of styes?
    Would appreciate a reply. I need relief from this situation.
    thank you

  48. Castor oil is not sterilized so I can understand your concern. However, water also contains bacteria and I’m sure that water gets in your eyes sometimes without you worrying about it. So, I don’t have a clear answer for you. Maybe it’ll help if you read the many other comments and questions above yours.
    Good luck!

  49. Hello.. great blog. I would really like to try castor oil for my dry eyes but am concerned about the potential for bacterial contamination. Any thoughts?

  50. I have been using CO for 5 nights now to fight my dry eyes. I noticed from 2nd day that burning and foreign body sensations are gone. I’m still left with night vision problems such as halos and glare. I also take lutein and bilberry supplements daily. Hopefully, this combination will help me combat my dry eye symptoms that strangely reoccurred again after my LASIK surgery done 5 years ago. Back then my dry eyes lasted 6 months and I had to use artificial tears.

  51. Hi:)

    I would try activated charcoal if I were you…empty one capsule in an empty tea bag, wet it with room temperature water and place on your eye for 40 minutes twice a day.
    Good luck!

  52. Hello, I was wondering if castor oil will help with the stye I have under my eyelid in the inner corner.

  53. If you don’t apply CO directly into your eyes, I would assume it’s o.k to keep using your prescription eye drops.
    I would try to keep reducing them gradually like you’ve done so far.
    Good luck!

  54. Dear Meital, Today is the 4th day after I applied the CO. I stopped using Restasis & genteal eye gel on the 3rd day because they stung the eyes but continue with the other 2 eye drops ie Systane Hydration UD and Artelac Splash. However, today these 2 eye drops also seem to cause some pricky feeling in one of my eyes. I woke up each morning feeling better though but I was cautious not to completely stop all the eyes drop because I was afraid they may be too dry and cause inflammation. Am I suppose to stop using all eyes drop when I am on CO? I only apply on the top and bottom of my eyelids at night and the rest of the day I continue with the same eye drops my doctor prescribed. But for now, I have stopped some of them as mentioned earlier. I just want to know whether I have to stop all eye drops while I am on CO. Would appreciate any early reply. Thanks.

  55. Hi Mittal,
    I used Heritage Store castor oil and found a very good effect. Can you please advise me whether it is safe to use for a long duration? Please tell me whether it increases the pressure of the eyes and causes glaucoma.

  56. Hi Meital, thanks for your advice. Will place order for the organic type. will keep you updated after I get to use it. Thanks again.

  57. Hi Meital, Need to check with you whether the following item is similar to what you are using but I notice the word “organic” is not there. The description on the label is: HERITAGE STORE, THE PALMA CHRISTI CASTOR OIL, HEXANE-FREE PURE, COLD PRESSED, TOP QUALITY OIL, soothes and softens the skin, the advertisement says: “Heritage Store Pure Castor Oil for Hair growth”. Is this the correct product to use? Your advice, please. Thanks.

  58. Hi Meital, can we have more feedback on the outcome of those who have used CO and generally how long does it takes to see the healing process? Also, while using CO at night/bedtime, do we continue with our prescribed eye drops, gel and restasis during the daytime? Can somebody highlight to me especially those who have used restasis. I am about to place an order for CO but there was no stock at moment at our online service in Malaysia. Thanks for all your support. Also, can someone who have severe dry eyes problem advise me on the necessary precaution to take if you have to walk outside during Autumn season because I may have to make a trip overseas sometime in Autumn?

  59. I think Pure Organic Cold Presses Coconut oil can have the same effect of relieving dry eyes.Any body ever tried it?

  60. Susan,

    Honestly, I don’t know. But I do know that if you are afraid of steroids you may not want to use them, until you feel secure about them. I would try something else.

  61. I have just been diagnosed with dry eyes. My optometrist wants me to take steroid drops to clear up the orange peel texture on my corneas. I’m afraid of steroids. Do you think the castor oil will help heal the cornea’s surface?

  62. I think you should give yourself some time, alternative medicine doesn’t work, most of the time, as fast as we would like. And on the other hand, it depends on what you believe, no matter what you do if you have doubts about what you’re doing you won’t succeed, my opinion

  63. Thank you. I was wondering if anybody using prescription eye drops in a combination with CO, or I am the only case:)

  64. Hello, I was wondering how CO works with Xiidra – prescription eye drops. I use CO in the evening and in the morning I have to wash out with warm water, but I think, something can still be left in the eyes. I have to use Xiidra in the morning and I was wondering if there some interactions which can be bad for the eyes.

    thank you

  65. Hi. No one said their dry eyes caused them to not open their eyes at night and in the morning. My eyes won’t open until I try to blink several times. I will try the Oil, for sure and let you know. Have you heard of this and how often do you hear of it. I feel like I’m blind when it happens.

  66. Yes, every night.

    I think Castor oil unfortunately is not for everybody.

    My symptoms are like Wendy’s post above. They are even dryer in the morning after castor oil.

    Next, I will try sea buckthorn oil. The dry eye curse continues.

  67. Mark,

    Are you using the CO before sleep at night? I think it works better when you close your eyes and keep them closed. Have you tried that? I would give it a few more days only applying at night before sleep and see.
    Good luck!

  68. Hi Meital, many thanks for your reply, it clears my doubt 🙂
    I also want to add, I called Nutritional Products Helpline at (800) 227-6063 and there was this gentleman who told me that warning is there because this product is not being sterilized by them. He said, they don’t recommend using it for eyes but they are aware that it’s used by plenty and giving good results 🙂
    I have decided to use it…thanks again !!!

  69. Hello Meital,

    I have very dry eyes for the last 9 months
    Aqueous dry eye probably, no MGD. My eyes look normal and healthy they just don’t produce tears.
    They burn in windy conditions and outside and hurt when I am on the computer or tv.
    Plugs have helped me maybe 30%.
    For the last 8 days, I have been using quality Castor oil and it is not helping so far. My eyes are moist when I put a drop but soon they are very dry again.

    I have tried everything, even coconut oil and changing nutrition but nothing helps..

    Please any suggestions?

  70. Hi:)

    This was asked in the comments before you as well…yes, it is the same bottle that I have and the warning is there, I believe, because there is some controversy about putting CO inside the eyes.
    I used it with no problems and so did many other people I know (see the comments here), but if you feel hesitant about this, try applying around your eyes and not directly into them, at least first, and see how it goes.
    Good luck!

  71. Hi, I bought the same castor oil as shown in the picture above, “Heritage Store organic castor oil – cold-pressed, hexane-free- ” but in the bottle, it’s mentioned – “avoid contact with eyes”? Does the bottle which you have also recommend this and is it safe to use even after this warning?

  72. I have been dealing with red eyes for the past 2 months. I’ve been treated with antibiotics and steroids to help with the inflammation and possible infection. My eyes get better but then fall back again when I stop using drops. I’ve noticed that my problem is in the morning. I can feel my eyes dry (maybe from all the drops) and my eyes get red Either the inner corners or outer corners of the eyes. Dr says it’s inflammation from allergy and sun. But I’m tired of using and jumping drops to drops. Do you think CO will help with this? I haven’t used my contacts in over 2 months for the same reason. And I’m desperate. I tried CO last night upper and lower lid and corner and woke up with my left eye red in the inner corner. I didn’t feel my eyes moisturized so not sure what to do. I went to dr back again today and again put me on drops, prednisone drops, and I don’t like the idea of being on steroids again. Please anyone help!!!!

  73. I use it also for bloody nose. Never got a response how to keep this bottle.
    thank you,

  74. I knew it! My eye doc Recommended artificial tears for my dry eyes but I knew there had to be a natural alternative. I’ve already got castor oil on hand (for my easy DIY face cleansing oil), so this is a perfect solution. Better lashes and no more dark circles would be a major bonus…Thanks so much!

  75. I have been using the CO in my eyes at night for about a week now.
    I am surprised that it makes my eyes feel much dryer in the morning than when I use eyedrops before sleep.

    I have also put them in sometimes 1 drop during the day.
    It feels comfortable, but no change at the moment.

    My main problem is the tears….and the dryness in the morning (but the co makes this definitely worse)
    Do you think I should continue?

  76. Hello,

    Do we just use CO in our eyes in the morning and evening? I ask because I normally carry eye drops with me and use them throughout the day (3-4 times daily). Would you recommend using the CO throughout the day or just morning and evening?

    Thank you!

  77. Hi,

    Thx for your wonderful post about Castor oil. I’m Indian-Asian, castor oil is essential in every household in India. Cos it’s not only for the eyes, we use it for many other things too like when you have constipation, but my grandma also used to mix one spoon of castor oil in a glass of hot water and you’ll see the wonder in just a few hrs., we use it on the cut wounds and on dry skin too. It’s a natural moisturizer and a laxative.

  78. My mom is an arthritis(RA) patient and she is suffering from dry eye, swelling around the eye, and blur image. Dr said this is due to arthritis. Can I use castor oil for her? Please help.

  79. I’ve used cold pressed Castor Oil in my eyes for years. Have never had any problem and always gives relief.

  80. Hi,
    Been using the oil for 2 days, i do not feel relief yet.
    Is it because i have aqueous deficiency an not meibomian gland dysfunction only?

    Thank you

  81. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing this tip. Would you say that castor oil is efficient for all types of eye dryness?
    I’ve both aqueous deficiency and mgd. Tried so many treatments, tear plugs don’t help me.
    I will definitely try castor oil,
    hope it will work because I’m feeling so handicapped right now

  82. Thank you Meital I’m going to give it a try. It seems I find everyone’s symptoms are so different with this condition and I guess that’s why I thought I would ask with regards to my symptoms. Some don’t have the mucus strings and only have a burning sensation and watery eyes which I have neither of those. Mainly just the dryness and the mucus strings. Many forums had suggested I try Manuka honey, have you ever heard of this?
    I’m so happy that this has cured you of your dry eye symptoms. Such wonderful news and it certainly gives me some much-needed hope since I don’t really have much left. Can you please tell me which castor oil you specifically used? I’ve found there are so many out there. I will post my results after a few weeks of using it. Thank you again!!

  83. Hello, I have severe dry eye and have tried just about everything and had little to no relief. I was diagnosed with keratoconjunctivitis sicca. This includes the stringy mucus in my eyes all day long, very tired eyes which in turn causes my entire body to be fatigued. Do you know of castor oil to help with this and finally clear me of this stringy mucus that has invaded my eyes for years? Thanks in advance!!

  84. Wendy,

    I think that it’s safer to use the CO without putting the brush back in, and use a dropper bottle if you’re putting it inside your eyes. Definitely.
    I think you shouldn’t lose hope, and never think that there is no cure. There is one that’s right for you.
    I would definitely try the nutrition approach as well.

  85. Would it be bad that you have to put the eyelash brush in the bottle every time?
    I mean for bacteria/ cleanliness?

    Something that is not clear to me – as a 4 year long dry eye sufferer, is that: how can this be a cure? It seems to be like something that helps the symptoms, like drops,…

    I have tried literally everything there is out there, drops, creams, masks, homeopathy, medicine,…
    The last year, I decided to travel to Barcelona to an eye clinic that specializes in dry eyes and after a year of treatment – 2000€ – an operation for the meibomian glands and 4 laser treatments to activate the meibomian glands, I am still the same :/

    It makes you think there is no cure.
    This last doctor now wants to send me to a nutritionist, I can’t believe the traject I have already had… I think he just doesn’t know anymore and that’s why he wants to have my digestion and everything tested.

    By the way, I haven’t read this from anybody but my problem is that my eye always cries, only the left one.
    This is unbelievably annoying…I haven’t read about anyone having this here…

  86. I have RA and Sjogren’s syndrome with fibromyalgia, doc recently put silicone plugs in my lower tear ducts. Is it still safe to try this method? Regular eye drops are useless, and gel ones blur vision worse .looking for natural alternatives as I hate pills and have a terrible time remembering to take them…thanks

  87. That’s great! I’m glad you are feeling relief already. If it’s already helping without putting it in your eyes than I would stick with it around the eyes for a few more days, and maybe than try 1 drop inside your eye for a few days to see if there is more improvement.
    You know when to stop when: 1. You have some sort of a side effect – listen to your body. or – 2. Your dry eyes are no longer dry or significantly improved.
    Good luck!

  88. Hello,

    I started using Castor Oil 1 week ago. My dry eye is a result of autoimmune disease and related retinal occlusions. The most frustrating symptoms from dry eye is sporadic blurry vision (several times a day) and that feeling of having sand in the eyes. The first morning after starting the castor oil, I woke up and my eyes were blurrier than normal until about noon. I’ve kept up the nightly applications and have seen improvement. My eyes don’t get as blurry during the day. I struggle with all of the OTC products as many of them are made with products derived from corn, which I am allergic to, and they make my eyes even worse. I have a doctor’s appointment for dry eye in about a month. I’m hoping I can cancel it! Thanks for the tips. I am still just applying the oil with my clean fingers on my eyelids and in the corners of my eyes. I’m hoping that my vision will become more consistent over time. Would you recommend moving to use the eyedropper? How long should you use the castor oil and how do you know when to stop?

  89. I have had a dry eye problem for over a year. I recently went to an acupuncturist, who said it had to do with the liver (at least for me, I don’t know if this would be true of everyone with dry eyes).

    I know that castor oil packs are good for the liver, so I started using them on the abdomen, at bedtime.

    After three nights, I can already tell a difference with my eyes, even though I’m using the castor oil on the abdomen. The eyes tend to stay moister now.

    So I suggest that people who are afraid to use CO on the eyes can still experiment with CO. Try doing CO packs on the abdomen and find out if it helps the eyes.

    I haven’t been brave enough yet to try CO on the eyes but I’m getting benefit from CO anyway.

  90. Because my job required me to use a computer for long hours, I had got dry eyes. With it I wasn’t able to watch TV, read, using a computer also sensitive to lights. I started using CO in November 2016. I was cautious at the beginning, so I used it only outside around my eyes. and I keep doing that for 2 months. when I saw Toni & your reply about your cure after using CO, I get the confidence to use it inside. so I started to apply one drop in each eye from one month ago. I’m able now to watch TV and using a computer but not for a long time. Still, I have pain when I use the computer or watch TV for a long time.

    This is the CO that I’m using:

  91. Yes, I know it says so on the bottle. I used it anyway. You can try applying it around your eyes without actually putting inside your eyes and see how it feels. If you’re worried about it, avoid it. Maybe it will still help you without putting directly in your eyes.

  92. Hi i just got a bottle of heritage organic castor oil, hexane free, for my dry itchy eyes but i noticed the label says avoid contact with eyes. Feeling unsure now. Could you kindly advice if it’s safe?
    thank you

  93. Reading your blog meital was so inspiring. I’m so glad your eyes were cured by castor oil. It is really frustrating each day waking up with this condition. I was at the point feeling angry and hating my eyes. Clearly, you have given me and everyone else hope who has similar symptoms thank you so much.

  94. i have dry eyes problem for the past 3 years and nowadays it became worse am unable to work more than 2 hours, started applying castor oil..hope its get cured,,, tons of thanks for this informative blog..

  95. I have suffered many years from dry eyes.
    I had Lasik, the worse day of my life. This was ten years ago. Just found out about castor oil. The pain is horrendous. I think about it 24/7 .last night was the first night. So happy, that this will work!!! I have spent thousands of dollars at the doctor’s office and at the pharmacy. Unbelievable! I knew that there had to be another answer! Thank you, thank you!!!!

  96. Hello, as I commented above, my eyes do feel better after applying the oil but my doctor told me it would only give me temporarily comfort as the oil lubricates the eyes but won’t cure anything. So I am about to lose hope TT I have very severe dry eyes, I can hardly function at night. Please give me a faith TT . How long does it usually take for people to feel the improvement and do you think it can actually cure the eyes, not just lubricating eyes temporarily?

  97. Roxanne,

    I have heard about it, but I’ve also heard about apples causing allergic reaction for some people. In other words, different substances have different effects on people. I wouldn’t focus on that, I would focus on it helping with my eyes.
    Treatment is not forever, I used it for about 2 months and stopped because I no longer have dry eyes thanks to it, and I don’t need it anymore.

  98. Hi, I’ve had chronic dry eye syndrome for years. I applied castor oil last night and they do seem somewhat better. But upon further research just to be certain of its safety, I found that it can be extremely drying to the skin over time. Since the skin around the eye is so delicate I’m very concerned (torn) about continuing. Is there a time limit for this treatment? Have you heard of this problem?

    Thanks 🙂

  99. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing your remedy.
    CO seems to help my symptoms. My dry eye condition was about to destroy my life. I plan to continue to use it. How often do you use the oil these days?

  100. Max,

    It sound like the right castor oil (is it organic though?) but you have to make sure to keep it as sterile as possible, meaning not touching it with your hands before you wash them etc.

    What happens after the burning feeling goes away? Do you feel relief from eye dryness?

  101. For the past two years, I have made soaps, wrinkle creams, oils, and more. However, I do suffer from dry eyes and have given the castor oil a try. I placed it into my old Systane bottle and now have it ready when needed. It did not cloud my eyes as over-the-counter products do. I very much enjoy Castor Oil and love it in all my products. I have read about many items in OTC cosmetics, shampoos, facial creams, etc. Please be careful. Many of the products that you cannot pronounce are toxic and doing research, some have caused various cancers. Know what you are using! Castor Oil is great and I have absolutely no problem placing drops into my eyes. They feel very lubricated. Thanks and may all of you have a blessed day. Homemade products are the best and all that I use. My soap bars make great shampoo as well. The best part, I know exactly what goes into all my products.

  102. castor oil drops in the eye even cures cataracts. look it up. In fact, look up all the castor oil cures. Arthritis, acne, gum disease, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, poisonous snake bite, any open wound, any sore throat or cold (don’t use cold-pressed for internal dose, but get the bottle in the laxative lsle of your drugstore or grocery pharmacy) Keep both on hand. The list of cures goes on and on, liver disease, lymph problems, kidney, stomach issues. I just learned about castor oil in 2010 and in 2011 I started as the sole caregiver for my father, a WWII veteran. I used it for every ailment he had and he always improved.

    I did find when I used it in or around my eyes, that it caused a stye to appear on my eye, so I found I couldn’t use it much around my eyes. However, now I’m getting dey eye, I’m going to do back to using it again. Because I also found out that when you are prone to get styes, you will get a swollen red eye from the castor oil on the eyelashes part of the eye, but you can get rid of them quickly. if after making yourself a cup of hot tea, you use the squeezed out the tea bag, still warm, to place over your eye for as long as 5 minutes, it will take care of it. The warmth is good for a stye, but the tea has tannin which takes away the stye. I don’t know how it works, but it does. It may take 3 cups of tea during the day, or a 2 or 3 days of tea bags over the eye, but it will work well to rid you of a stye…

  103. I have used this CO for my dry eyes and they’re 1,000 times better!! I had no problems. In fact, I think they’re mostly cured.

  104. I think that anything you use around your eyes when you hands are not clean or when the substance is contaminated from being used in a non-sterile way, is not recommended around the eyes…

    I know that this remedy has helped thousands of people with dry eyes, but if you have concerns you may not want to use it or consult with a doctor first.

  105. Actually, the bottle reads: Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children….

    I called the 800 number and spoke with the woman who answered the phone and she confirmed that it was not recommended to use around the eyes.

    I’ve been using it and it has certainly helped my dry eyes. The bottle I have is
    Heritage Store The Palma Christi Organic Castor Oil Cold Pressed, Hexane-Free.

  106. Does Heritage Store Organic castor oil have a warning on the label “not to be used around eyes” ?

  107. What a great post! Can you use black Jamaican castor oil for dry eyes? I loved your post for hair growth! Thanks!

  108. for this product (NOW Solutions Castor Oil, 100 % Pure, 16 ounce) it’s Expeller pressed & Hexane free , it’s on the bottle wrote. the type you specified in your post it’s not available in my country.

    what I found is these types: the second one only I found in the bottle they wrote 100 pure Expeller pressed & Hexane free:



    will be harm if I used it? waiting your reply.

  109. Manool,

    Actually I don’t think the one you’ve ordered is good enough. It’s not organic and not specified as “heaxane free”. I have links in the post for the safest COs.
    Also, specific instructions are also in the post.
    Good luck!

  110. Thank you for the quick reply. How do you apply it to your eyelids, brow or lashes? Is a cottonball acceptable? I saw in a comment not to use your fingers, so how do you spread the oil on the lids, lashes and brows? Thanks again.

  111. Bob,
    The bottle should be stored in a dark cool place (not the fridge). You don’t have to clean off the oil in the morning, it will absorbed by then anyway.
    Good luck!

  112. Thank you for your detailed tips. Could you tell me where do you store your bottle of oil? When using around and in your eyes at nite, do you clean off the oil around your eyes in the morning or just allow it to absorb into your skin? Many thanks.

  113. Toni,

    I’m really hopeful the CO will help, I’m sure it will actually.
    As for the dry mouth, I don’t think CO can help with that. If your surgery was not long ago, maybe give it some time, because I’ve heard about dry mouth happening to other people after this surgery.
    I’ve also heard that the eye drops you have to use after surgery can accidentally get into your nasal cavity.
    Try to always breathe through your nose is you can, that will help.
    I hope this helps:)

  114. I developed severe dry eye AND dry mouth after recent cataract surgery. To say it has ruined my life is an understatement. The Heritage Castor Oil arrived today and I have already applied it to the eyelids. I also applied to my eyebrows and the puffy area under my eyes. Hopefully, it will also help the dry mouth; I’m convinced it will help my dry eyes. Meital, do you think it will help the dry mouth or do you know of a fix for it?

  115. I am so thrilled that I discovered this site as the use of castor oil for my extremely dry eyes HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!! Oh my God, what a huge difference castor oil has made for me with previous severe dry eyes. I am now able to experience a better quality of life and I thank you, Meital for your site. I have even told my eye doctor about it because he has many patients also with dry eyes. Although it doesn’t work for everyone, as I have told 2 people and it doesn’t seem to help them, unfortunately.

  116. Pat,

    As for the Castor oil, of course your eyes get blurry, you put oil in them…:) That’s why you’re supposed to use it only right before you go to sleep.
    I would give it another try doing it like this.
    I would also look into the root cause of this. Why are your eyes sensitive to light and and the sun? It’s important to find the cause to find the best treatment.
    I hope this helps!

  117. My eyes are dry and extremely sensitive to the sun and light. I wear sunglasses, but they are not dark enough any suggestions of sunglasses. I have been trying the castor oil but my eyes get very blurry, and stinging. I am not sure whether I should continue the castor oil. some drops seem to make them even dryer. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  118. First, stringy mucus is not enough to establish dry eyes. It could be a virus, bacteria, or allergy. If you’ve tried this for a few days and it hasn’t worked, you may not have dry eyes but something else.

  119. Hi Meital James,
    I have a some doubts, I think i have dry eyes
    Every Morning I find some small stingy like mucus usually at corner of my eyes.
    But after applying castor oil in night i find more stingy mucus in morning at the corner of my eyes
    please can u reply the reason for it???

  120. I started using this method about 6 weeks ago and what a difference. I was using eye drops 4-6 times a day and it really wasn’t curing the problem. When I started using it I would do it twice a day. The only problem is it takes about 20 minutes before you can see well again. I now only use it at night before I go to bed and it lasts all day.

  121. Hey guys!
    The name is Sirin, I’m 20 and studying ME.
    I’m so happy to have read about Castor Oil and absolutely ecstatic to see that it’s worked for everyone. I was diagnosed with viral keratitis (adino virus) almost a year back and my eyes have been gradually getting drier and red (they were so white before), now it’s become unbearable. I bought some Castor Oil (hexane-free and cold-pressed) and can’t wait to try it out tonight. I’m a little nervous but I’m glad I’m not alone 🙂 thanks to everybody who commented, it certainly made my day reading them. I’ll pray for all of you, that you may find a less dry tomorrow. Cheers guys <3

  122. I, too, have chronic dry eye. My eyes are bloodshot all the time at work, staring at a computer all day. None of the otc works. Now my question is, can I apply the castor oil twice a day? Morning and night? I would like to see the whites of my eyes again. I am very hopeful.

  123. I haven’t tried castor oil for dry eye. My solution has been my unusual diet. For about eight years I’ve been living 90 to 100% on cow milk, mostly skim. When I eat solid food, I find my eyes hurt. Whereas when I live on milk I find they feel better. Why? Part of it lies in the body. When you eat or drink food your digestive system processes it. Then your blood carries the nutrients from the food around your body to all your cells to nourish them. My experience has been that the nutrients from milk are in a form that is less irritating to the cells than the nutrients from solid food.

    For about six years living on milk was sufficient. Then about two years ago I found I was getting tired and I couldn’t shake it. So I added going to daily Catholic Mass. The combination of living on milk and going to Mass got me feeling good again and my eyes feeling okay.

    I can’t exactly recommend living on milk because it hasn’t been proven to be safe by authorities. But it has worked for me, and I don’t think my body is too different from others.

  124. Hi Sid,
    Which ayurvedic hospital you visited for dry eyes treatment? Can you please email me the address or the contact details

  125. If castor oil helps grow eyebrows & eyelashes, can it help grow thicker hair? I haven’t seen anything on this site for castor oil and before I order Jamaican black castor oil, I wanted to see if this was possible and how to apply cause of its thickness and oiliness. Please advise and thanks!

  126. I LOVE THIS Castor Oil. I have had extremely dry eyes and my eye doctor who has seen me for 2 years has said I am his worst case (which makes me feel not so good)! I bought hexane-free castor oil and put a drop on both my eyelids in lieu of the over-the-counter ointment that I usually use. WOW! What a difference! My eyes have felt so much better! Then during the day, I have put some on my eyelids and within a couple of hours, my eyes are producing tears! I AM SO AMAZED AND BLESSED AND EXCITED! No more otc eye drops and ointment for this kid!

  127. I was using an expensive night dry eye relief ointment. When I read the ingredients and saw ‘mineral oil’ I decided to try my own, homemade vaseline which I make with castor oil and beeswax. I rubbed it on the lids of my eyes last night and woke up with whiter eyes. My eyes have been bloodshot in the morning and gritty feeling. Not this morning:) I found this when I searched to see if others used castor oil for dry eyes. I am going to stick with the castor oil ointment for now since it seems to work.

  128. Arcadia,

    There’s a link in the post to the Castor oil that I use and recommend, it’s updated.
    If the oil helps than yes, your vision will be less blurry or not blurry at all because the oil will solve the dry eye syndrome.

    I hope this helps and let me know your results, o.k?:)

  129. Hello,

    I was wondering which Pure, Hexane-Free, Cold-Pressed CASTOR OIL is the best for my dry eye I see so many on Amazon it confuses me can you or someone else please send me an updated link it would help me a lot!!

    One more question because of the dry eye my vision is blurry does the oil also improve the vision??

    Hope to get an answer quickly 🙂


  130. Hi. Can you advise if this will work. Says it is hexane free and cold pressed And organic
    Lubrisolve.co.uk. Castor oil 500ml

  131. Would like to see more comments from those who have tried the castor oil for dry eyes. I applied some this a.m. in my left eye = just to compare. It took a few hours for the blurriness to go away as it seemed to pool. I only used one drop of the oil recommended. I probably should have waited till evening instead of first thing in the morning. About 4 hrs later, I can say the left eye feels fine. It might even be more comfortable than the right but with a slight blurriness.

  132. Hi VJ.. Castor oil is easily available in India

    Metial..Thanks a ton for your post and for spreading the word among so many helpless sufferers of this disease. I have just started using castor oil and it seems to be helping. However, as noted by someone in the comments above would like to see people comment on its effectiveness in long-term/continuous use as a cure for the dryness and not just symptomatic relief.

    I have been suffering from this problem for more than 3 years now, after getting fed up with eye doctors and useless OTC drops/gels/artificial tears I started looking for unconventional treatments. Before I found this blog I came to know about the Ayurvedic cure for dry eyes. I actually went out and registered for a 15-day treatment therapy at an Ayurvedic eye hospital in India. Although it did not completely cure my problem it did help a lot in improving my situation from the worse that I was facing before that. Just suggesting this as an alternative option to those who are looking for solutions to this problem.

  133. First of all thanks a ton Meital for sharing this great remedy…!!
    It’s just 3 days and I am 70% cured. But the oil I used is a little different. Since I could not find the specific castor oil and was so desperate to get rid of the pain and irritation in my eye…
    I happened to try a little rub on eyelids with navaratna oil (which I think is only available here in India). And within minutes the stinging stopped. Now after three days of use I can surely say that this is the best remedy for dry eyes…
    However, since it is a very strong oil mixed with herbs and camphor do not try putting it in the eyes…


  134. It’s been about a week and I have definitely noticed relief and benefit from using Castor Oil at night time for my dry eyes. I plan to continue using it. So far it has provided more relief than any drop or procedure ever did, I am trying not to get my hopes to high but so far I feel an improvement and even notice my eyes are not as red. Yesterday I even forgot to bring my eye drops (systane) with me to work and they weren’t even that red. As a bonus, I can already tell my eyelashes are more full. The true test will be wintertime!
    I encourage people who suffer from red or dry eyes just to try it and see if it works for them.
    Thank you for the life-saving suggestion!

  135. Janet,

    The eye wash I uses is a simple homemade one:
    I boil one cup of water with one teaspoon of salt. I keep it in a sterilized dropper bottle.
    But, the eye wash is not really necessary, the CO usually disperses by morning with no problem.
    I hope this helps and good luck!

  136. Alley,

    Most people feel improvement after about a week minimum, and for some (you can read other comments) it has taken more, even two weeks.
    Yes, it’s supposed to reduce redness. I’m anxious to hear about your results!
    Try to avoid fluorescent light as much as you can obviously…

    Good luck!

  137. Hi, you mentioned using an eyewash the following morning after one of the first times applying to your eyes. What is the eyewash you used? And more importantly, do you need an eyewash to rinse it out or does it just naturally disperse by morning (if using at night)…? I didn’t see this mentioned in any of the comments either..Thanks,
    Anxiously waiting….need to start using this soon….

  138. I have been suffering from dry eyes/ MGD for the past 3-4 years. I am only in my early 30’s and have tried multiple treatments including many OTC drops, restatis, lotemax, doxycycline. As well as lipiflow in early jan/2016. Unfortunately lipiflow didn’t relieve my symptoms at all and was expensive approx. 1700$. Just recently visited a naturopath which will be testing my hormone levels and has started me on a pro eye supplement.
    I have just started using castor oil (cold compressed hexane free) and will be using it for the 3rd time tonight. So far I can’t say that it is a complete difference but it definitely isn’t any worse. I am still using systane gel drops throughout the day as I find my eyes look the worst under fluorescent lights. My main symptom of dry eyes is the redness that appears. I am really hoping castor oil works! Will keep you posted. If you can think of any other techniques or improvements that I could make please let me know. Also, wondering how long people used it before they noticed improvements and did it improve redness? Thanks

  139. I suffer from severe dry eyes – vision is blurred, painful stinging feeling in my eyes, mucous strings, and sensitivity to light and moving air. Restasis (nearly 3 years), compresses, nighttime eye shields and a huge number of OTC eye drops just seem to make my eyes more sensitive – and I have been careful to choose the preservative-free drops with no change. One thing that gives me some relief is wearing sunglasses – even at night. The relief is slight but welcome when the discomfort is so much that I just want to go to sleep to wake up with a little less discomfort. Will try the suggestion of hexane-free cold-pressed castor oil and will try and enter my comments about the results.

  140. All, I am going to try the castor oil for my dry eyes, but wanted to ask a question first. Has anyone used the castor oil for several months and had continued success, no long term side effects? Thanks for your feedback.

  141. I have been reading about this use of castor oil, am keen to try as I am bothered first thing in the morning on opening my eyes as they are so dry. Looking forward to some great results x

  142. Hello everyone,
    One drop of Castor oil directly in the eyes is magic… Need to be 100% organic and hexane free.
    I try since a week and my tears come back as well as before… My eyes feel so good, I can’t believe after 5 months of very dry eye after an implant surgery same like a lasik.
    Doctor who practice that type of surgery are liars and doesn’t care about the pain you may have after this surgery. They just about how much money they will take from you !!!
    Give it a try, put one drop directly in your eyes and you will feel amazing… If you are on restasis, stop it and wait 48h before put castor oil as it may feel burn a little bit your skin around your eyes.

    I beg you to try, because I know exactly the pain when you suffer from a dry eyes symptoms.
    Am french from Paris, that’s why my English is not so good…

    I wish the best for everyone…

  143. Jayne,

    I have no experience with your situation…I would suggest you consult your doctor whether it’s safe to try castor oil around the eyes or in them, and if there’s no risk, I would give it a try.
    Good luck!

  144. I had a corneal transplant in one eye in 2010 and the other eye in 2011. I have suffered from dry eyes since and am unable to wear contacts or glasses. I’ve been told that the stem cells are not healthy enough to maintain lubrication and therefore my corneals will not stay clear. I have been on six different prescription and otc meds and nothing has been working. What are your thoughts on me trying the castor oil with the transplants? I’m becoming desperate to have a normal life back.

  145. Seems to be some question about applying the oil in the eye. Easy enough…just apply the oil to the corner of the eye so that by blinking, you draw the oil into the eye. This avoids having to apply drops.

  146. I had laser treatment which did not help my eyesight (after they said it works better for some people than others!) and have suffered from dry eyes (mainly the right eye). I was prescribed an eye gel which also didn’t help much. Some mornings I open them quickly and the eyelid appear stuck to the eye, after that it is very sore like sand in them and keeps watering so will be trying your method.
    Also had to have a foot op recently, I woke up the morning before the op and had pink eye (the hospital wouldn’t have allowed me in because it is very contagious) the only second time I’ve had it in 74 years so swabbed it with apple cider vinegar and it worked by the evening it was all gone, it did sting a bit. Just thought I would impart that info which helped me.

  147. Mahadev,

    As said in the post, I recommend to start gradually: Try applying only to your eyelids to make sure no irritation happens, and if all is well, you can use the Castor oil inside your eyes, using a sterile dropper bottle and making sure not to touch the oil with your hands.
    Good luck!

  148. Dear,

    I read your blog post and immediately ordered the oil. I am having a problem with my eyes for the last 3 years. I used many eye drops but the itching and dryness are not stopped yet.

    Thank you for your post. I hope this would solve eye dryness.

    One more question, can I drop the castor oil into my eyes or just apply it on upper and lower eyelids?

    Waiting for your response.

    Thank you,

  149. Yes John, I am familiar with Edgar Cayce, castor oil packs and their amazing benefits. Thanks for the reminder and for taking the time to comment!

  150. BTW, if you haven’t invested the time to search Castor Oil, Edgar Cayce, you are doing yourself a serious disservice. Truth..

  151. Hi I would also like to follow you on Facebook. Do you have a link as I can’t find you. Thanks

  152. Thanks for info on castor oil method. I will give this a try. I have very sensitive eyes prob caused by the dry eye syndrome so I’ll go slowly with oil on outside of eyes first. Thanks again.

  153. I think that if you’ve had this reaction it’s either castor oil is not doing you good, or you’re not using a high quality organic cold pressed castor oil. Which one did you use?

  154. Hello,
    I suffer from keratoconjunctivitis sicca (aka severe dry eyes).
    I tried castor oil inside my lower eyelid – just 1 drop in each eye. In the morning eyes were slightly reddish and all-day felt blurred and eyes weighed down due to tiredness.
    It is night now and I am still feeling the same (even after washing the face/eyes)
    I use Ocusoft lid wipes every night so don’t want to put castor oil around the eyelids.
    Any suggestions?

  155. after 1 month, 85% recoverred.
    I feel a set-back only when I am in air-conditioned environment.
    Thank you, Meital James! You just saved my life!

  156. I’ve tried the castor oil and found such relief, I put it on St night and in a morning and hardly have to use drops now, I rub it on my finger nails as well and they are bringing, thanks so much x

  157. Jackie,

    Yes, just like you’ve described it. First you try it out around your eyes just to check for sensitivity or side effects. If there aren’t any, you can use a sterile eye dropper and apply 1 drop directly in your eyes, like with an eye drop.

    Good luck!

  158. Hello,

    Please clarify the application method? First on the outside of your eye (upper eyelid, lower lid, like you would apply a pencil liner ? and corner while your eyes are closed ?) at any point do you apply the castor oil directly in your eye like you would an eye drop?

  159. I think you should be patient, if you have had this condition for a long time, it’s impossible to cure it in only two weeks, my opinion

  160. After 16 days using castor oil:
    1. My eyes have become much moist. I am not relying on artificial tear drops anymore. This is a big improvement. My tears have come back! YEAHH!
    2. I don’t see any inflammation or side effects of castor oil. Seems like it’s safe. 2 days ago, my eye doctor said that the whites are very fine (I think castor oil made that).
    My eyes are still red and I still feel very stinging and itching when using a computer or especially when I am in a windy environment.
    My eyes are not cured yet. I am very upset! (cry)

    Did anyone here experience the same?

    (I am not sure about the quality of my castor oil because the seller couldn’t show up the certification of it. They said it’s cold-pressed and hexane free. I hope they are correct. I am purchasing another bottle of castor oil from Japan, 10 days later I will receive it. I hope it will work better!)

  161. Hi I have just been diagnosed with chronic dry eye, the pain us horrendous, also very light sensitive, I am going to buy some castor oil tomorrow

  162. Castor oil works by drawing the healing forces of the body to where it is applied…Edgar Cayce.
    I have been using castor oil for years. I source it from The Heritage Store out of Virginia Beach. They carry the full range of suggested products by Edgar Cayce. Apply to top and bottom lids enough so that by blinking I can draw the excess into the eye. I have never had any problems. For a real treat, apply a compress soaked with oil, wrung out, applied over the eyes, and put a microwavable heating pad over that. I use some saran wrap between the compress and the heating pad to avoid oil on the heating pad. Left on for 15-20 minutes and you will feel as if in heaven..so calming…Many uses for castor oil. Search Edgar Cayce/castor oil

  163. Update on day 4th and 5th:
    I have removed my tear duct plug yesterday. even without it, I am still okay.
    My eyes are still red & stinging but they are moist and I can feel they are improving day by day.
    I think castor oil is working.

  164. Hi,

    after reading into all your comments I’m looking to use castor oil for my dry eyes too(laser surgery in 2012 but they’re saying it’s dry eyes for life now) – however, my only concern is, castor oil is also good for hair growth – will this cause hair on eyelids and face?

  165. update on day 2:
    The worse eye had become better than the “better eye”. it’s smooth and moist.
    But the redness was still there (less than yesterday) and I still felt stinging after using a computer for a long time.
    Then after breakfast, I put 1 drop into each eye. WOW! The feeling was YEAH!!!, smooth, silky, moist.
    And I did not have to use any artificial tear for the whole day. Except for the sting & redness, I felt like I am having normal eyes.
    Before bedtime, I put 1 drop into each eye.

    Day 3: (today)
    The redness is still there but the feeling is awesome! Smooth, silky, moist.

    I’ll be back!

  166. Update on day1:
    I just motobiked 20km and my eyes are so red now.
    I’ve put some of castor oil on lower eyelid and inside of the worse eye.
    Tomorrow I will compare the two eyes.

  167. I am Dat from Vietnam, dry eye sufferer for 2 years.
    Thank you very much for the post!
    I’ve visited many doctors and all I heard from them was “eye drops, tear duct plug, restasis, never cure…”
    My eyes are so dry that I’ve been not able to work for a few weeks lately.
    I will go find Castor oil tomorrow and if I can’t find it here in my country, I’ll purchase it on Amazon.

    Thank you!

  168. Hi there, just wanted to say thank you for the information it really help me a lot.

    Once again thank you. Have a great 2016

  169. My husband has sho grien syndrome and he suffers a lot with the dry eyes, feeling like sand is in them they hurt so much he has to go to bed early, in getting some castor oil in today from Amazon, so I’m hoping it will help him.

  170. Interesting and I may try this.. just diagnosed with dry eye..possibly because I may not entirely be closing eyes at night..

    thought that I would let you know that the mainstream ointments that are generally suggested by doctors and sold OTC are mainly petroleum jelly and mineral oil.. read the labels!

    so i believe castor oil is probably better than that..

  171. I was recently diagnosed with dry eye and I am suffering miserably with it. I am a nurse and I work twelve-hour shifts…pm shifts, so my eyes are definitely tired and dry! When I read this article, I ran to the organic store and purchased the oil although it was not in a glass bottle. I did however order off of Amazon. I applied it as directed and am hoping for relief … Soon!! Thanks so much for sharing as home remedies make much more sense to me than the alternative

  172. I came home from the city with a red eye last night particularly one that turns red every time I am exposed to a lot of dust or pollution and feels red and tire even now. I do not have the recommended one on the post but ventured a light rub of one I had at home in a bottle over the particular eye. Will try to get the one mentioned today. I will see if there is any relief from what I have used so far.
    Thanks for your blog.

  173. John,

    I’m thrilled you’ve decided to try it out for yourself and for some reason I’m sure it’s going to work for you. Come back and tell us about your results o.k?:)

  174. hi, I have had dry eye for about 8 months its been really irritating I don t like doctors or big pharma I am always looking for alternative healing therapies I started castor oil on December 23rd, 2015 last night I am excited to hear of this alternative thank you for sharing this info. I have a good feeling this will work once again thank you for sharing this info

  175. I read on a forum that itchy, swollen eyelids can be from blepharitis which is often combined with dry eye. The solution for the eyelids was to use Wet Ones, torn into little strips and rubbed on the base of the eyelashes. Several people said they suffered for years and tried everything till they found this remedy. It must be done for a few months for a permanent cure though. Don’t get it in the eye and flush with eye drops if you do.

  176. I can’t say why it works…there are no scientific studies explaining why and how it works, it just does – For a lot of people. It’s o/k to be cautious, but you won’t know until you try. There isn’t much to lose you know – Worst case it won’t work…but if it does – Great!
    Come back and let me know your results o.k?:)

    Good luck!

  177. I work for an optometrist and I have dry eyes. I had my punctums sealed 10 years ago hoping that would help. It didn’t. I had to get out of my contacts. I’m a little cautious about this idea but I will probably try it at some point. Can you tell me exactly WHY it helps? I really would like some continuous relief for my irritated eyes.

  178. Lena,

    Don’t give up yet, try it for at least 3-4 more days.

    If it still doesn’t work, your symptoms may be caused by a virus or bacteria, or possible an allergic reaction.

    Come back and let me know how you’re doing, o.k?

    (I don’t know if this would resonate with you, but with every problem I have I also try visualization. Before you fall asleep, imagine waking up in the morning with healthy eyes, Imagine how this would make you feel and how happy you’ll be, and fall asleep with this feeling inside you.

    For me it works every time, no matter what troubles me).


  179. Hello!

    I have been fighting with dry eyes for a while and am ready to lose hope. I’m a new mommy and the impact it is having on life and my abilities to be a mother have me in crisis mode. I would do ANYTHING. I bought the exact oil that’s posted here and have tried it for 4 days. I feel like my lids are redder and I haven’t noticed my eyes bettering. Does this mean it’s not for me? I was SO HOPEFUL. is there a period where it gets worse before it’s better?? And if it’s not the one for me, any idea of what else will work as effectively?? I’m SO desperate. Thank you!!!

  180. Brooke,

    If the Castor Oil you bought is pure, hexane free and cold pressed – It won’t really matter if it’s not in a glass bottle. Plastic bottles are usually transparent and the oil should not be exposed to bright light. But as I said, it’s not that critical. Go ahead and try it out, don’t forget to come back and share your results, o.k?:)

    Good luck!

  181. Hi! Can I ask why a GLASS bottle is important? I’m super bummed because I just bought a large bottle of hexane-free, Paraben-free, pure, cold-pressed Castor Oil by Home Health. Then I read this post again and saw a glass bottle Mine is plastic.
    Is it ok to put it in my eye or should I buy the glass bottle one? I have super dry eyes (no contacts). I have to put Thera-tears in my eyes a couple of times during the night and throughout the day, plus they are always red. I’m just really looking for a natural solution.
    Thanks, Brooke

  182. I had lasik eye surgery almost 16 yrs ago. Yes, it does make dry eyes even drier! My left eye seems to be much drier than the right. (I don’t know why). I’m constantly wiping it and pulling strings and strings of mucus out of it! l have tried all the OTC drops and nothing seems to help. I can’t wait to try this!!! Thanks much for the post!

  183. I’m 45 and got my first case of pink eye a few weeks ago. The doc gave me RX antibiotic drops to take for 7 days. Ever since, I’ve had a terrible time with dry eyes, I wake up with goup in the corners and they feel like the Sahara Desert, the one that had pink eye especially. Tonight is my first night with Heritage Hexane-free Organic Castor Oil. I put one large drop directly into each eye and am now headed to bed. I’m hopeful…will report back in a few days.

  184. Tania,
    As I said in the post, I would first try to apply it around the eyes for a few days and see if that works. If not, inside the eyes with a dropper as explained.

    I hope it helps and please let me know how it has worked for you, o.k?

    Good luck!

  185. Can you help me explaining exactly how I applied it , if appli around eye or inside with dropper. This ¨Dry Eye¨ disease esta I really affecting me , took the 8 years with this and any ophthalmologist could cure me . I will buy the oil on the Amazon. Greetings from Ecuador .

  186. I have extremely dry eyes and have tried over-the-counter rewetting drops, using humidifier at night time, keeping my eyes covered while I sleep. But nothing really seem to work I am on day four of using Castro oil when I wake up in the morning! I’m excited to see how the results progress over time with continued use

  187. Hi – I have been using the hexane free, cold pressed Castor Oil for about 5 days now. Love the way my eyes feel. I was told to use eye drops for dry eye – forever – by the eye doctor. I live in a very arid climate and my eyes suffer terribly. I am gradually incorporating the Castor Oil – trying to find the right regimen to help my eyes. I have put one drop in each eye and two drops in each eye – tried the one drop rubbed between two finger tips – and massaged into the eye lid of the eyes and dabbed into the corners – all seem to benefit the eye – So excited! The sclera of the eyes does seem brighter already as one above commented has already mentioned. I am so thrilled to find a natural remedy that actually aids in healing – plus my eyes aren’t as puffy in the morning – Which will cut down considerably on a need to purchase expensive products to depuff the under eye. I’m a fan. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m 60 – which may be helpful for future referencing of how well this will work across a broad spectrum of people.

  188. I just received castor oil in the mail and put some into my eyes. Definitely not bad going in and so far so good! I will be spreading the word to my family.

  189. Marla,

    If it’s year round than it doesn’t seem like an allergy like you’ve said. I think that you’ll never know until you try, but if you do, start carefully as I’ve suggested and only use a high quality cold pressed Castor oil.
    I would be very glad to hear from you and to learn your results with this remedy.

    Good luck!

  190. I have problems constantly with my eyes itching and being extremely dry. Some of it is allergies but I am not sure all of it is, because it is year round. I have tried many different remedies and nothing works very well. I am really sensitive to many products and can’t have any preservatives at all. I have done searches on the internet numerous times but I have never came across any remedy that really worked and never saw Castor Oil before as a remedy. So it is refreshing to see something new and natural that could work for me. It is a constant problem and becomes very bothersome when they itch to the point that they are red and swollen and sometimes they are so dry I feel like I have sawdust in my eyes. Do you think if my problem is coming from allergies that this might work? Shared, Pinned

  191. I was born a tired owl. Thanks for posting. Hello from Healthy Happy Green and Natural.

  192. I always keep a bottle of castor oil on hand in my home however I have not used it for dry eyes. This is quite enlightening. Thanks for sharing this wonderful home remedies for dry eyes with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I’m pinning and sharing!

  193. Soon as I read the article 2 days ago I started applying castor oil on my upper & lower lids. I know I was supposed to use organic hexane free cold pressed one but to my excitement I really didn’t care.
    I had lasik surgery 3 yrs ago and though it corrected my vision, I am suffering from super dry eyes which makes me very sensitive to light, & when my eyes get extremely dry, I see shadows & overlapping of objects & only when I moisturize with OTC eye drops (which by the way is very expensive) that my vision returns to normal.
    I used the available castor oil I have at home for 2 days. I woke up each time without the feeling of dryness. Yaay!
    To be on the safe side though, I ran to the store today and got me my hexane free organic cold pressed castor oil. Tonight will be the 3rd night using castor oil.
    Will keep updating here of my progress.
    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this. Thank you & God bless!

  194. Jessica,

    To my knowledge cold pressed does not mean hexane free. You can easily order it from Amazon if you don’t have it in your hometown. I don’t know, I wouldn’t take the risk…

  195. Hi i’ve got a dry eyes syndrom recently. I would like to try this remedies but i can’t find a castor oil brand in my hometown that stated it is hexane free. I just wondering if it is using press cold method, does it mean its hexane free? If not can i still use it for my eyes, or is it too dangerous?

  196. Who would have thought Castor Oil for the eyes. I recall when I was a little girl being given a teasponn of Castor Oil with a tip of sugar. I hated that tasted. It made me gag.

  197. Wayne,

    You’ve read that great…many people go all the way and put it inside their eye, but Ii wouldn’t do that until I tried slowly – First, around the eyes.

    Good luck!

  198. Did I read this correctly, you apply the oil on the outside of the eye lense allow the oil to get into the eye?

  199. Wow Anna!

    That’s great! You see, this is how we intuitively know how to take care of ourselves…now spread the word about this great remedy to your friends and family, they’ll be greatful…:)

    Thanks for taking the time to comment:)

  200. Hi, I’m so surprised and excited to learn about this easy remedy for my dry eyes. I’ve had this condition for years and have been using natural tears with which i never felt well, until I stopped using them as I started making my own beauty items. Well, about a year ago I read about castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows, and have given it a try, and believe me I have recovered my own tears, but didn’t know it was the result of using castor oil until this day, it’s a pleasant surprise. Thanks for sharing your kmowledge

  201. Trudi,

    Hey there!:)

    I’m so glad I gave you this new idea, I can’t wait to hear your results…you won’t forget to come back and tell me, right?

    Thank you for your kind words!! I appreciate it !:)


  202. Meital you are a darling. I am a huge fan of Castor Oil but I have never thought of using it in or around my eyes. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I was reading your email. I couldn’t wait to see what the natural product was that I could use for dry eyes. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your wisdom. I am truly grateful to you. Big hugs for a happy day.

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