Starting a Real Food Diet (5 Fantastic Resources)

  Can I start with a mind-blowing fact? More than 60% of the food you see at your local supermarket is simply NOT food. It’s junk. If it’s processed, refined, canned and manufactured – It’s not real food. It’s loaded with toxic chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, hydrogenated and heavily processed until it … Read more

Why Dieting is the WORST Way to Lose Weight

diesting to lose weight

Here’s why dieting is the worst way to lose weight: I can guarantee that you’ve tried dieting at least once in your life. Who hasn’t? But rare are the people who manage to lose weight, and more importantly – to lose weight and keep it “lost”. Most of us try every new trendy diet plan, … Read more

8 Mouthwatering Summer Vegan Recipes from Pinterest

Summer is here, and you’ll need a vegan meal plan for these sunny days and good times. I went over to my beloved Pinterest, which has an ultra popular food & drink category, with hundreds of mouthwatering vegan recipes as well. In this collection you’ll find the perfect summer veggie burger, a spicy lentil wraps … Read more