13 Incredible Health Benefits of Rebounding Exercise


Did you know that according to NASA – “Rebounding is the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man”? What does NASA have to do with rebounding benefits? Well: When they were looking for the best exercise to help astronauts recover from their weakened physical condition, they discovered the astonishing benefits of rebounding. Rebounding … Read more

The Top 5 Health Benefits of Rebounding Workout

health benefits of rebounding

This is a guest post courtesy of Needak Rebounder for Natural Alternative Therapies. But first, a few personal words: I’ve been doing rebounding exercises ever since I’ve found out that NASA has declaired it as the “best exercise ever devised by man”. And I’ve never looked back. Unlike other workouts I’ve tried, rebounding is actually fun. … Read more

8 Killer Reasons to Throw Away Your Office Chair

There’s a real paradox in being a health and fitness blogger: I spend my days writing and nagging about the importance of movement and exercise, but writing requires me to sit for long hours slouching against my computer. Just like any other office worker, my health is truly endangered by sitting most of the day. … Read more