5 Simple Ways to Enjoy the Benefits of Physical Activity – Without Exercising

I’ll start with a warning: Recent studies prove that sitting reduces the risk of exercising.


But seriously, Study after study shows that chronic inactivity is a serious health risk. In fact, a recent study in Australia found that every hour of TV-watching cuts 22 minutes off your lifespan, costing men 1.8 years and women 1.5 years of their lives.

But between work, taking care of children and the house and dealing with overwhelming daily stress of accomplishing every task we have in minimal time – Who has the strength, time and motivation to exercise daily (as we all should)?

There are simple tricks that will get you MUCH more physically active and restore the youthful energy that you used to have. These tricks will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of physical activity – Without exercising at all.

Trick #1 – Fear Elevators

The more you move, the more energy you will have. This fact is supported by science.

An easy trick to move much more is to set yourself this new rule: No more elevators. From now on, you always choose the stairs. If you happen to have friends that live on the 10th floor, either climb these 10 stairs or convince them that brunch at your place is a better idea.

You won’t believe how this simple trick can boost your energy levels and make you generally healthier than you are now.

Added bonus: You won’t get stuck on an elevator. Believe me – It’s no fun.

Trick #2 – Social at Work


Instead of sitting 8 hours a day behind your desk (probably not bothering to get out for lunch) – Get up and start moving at work. Don’t send an email to a college sitting 2 feet away from you. Get up and walk over to him.

Use this as a reminder that you have to do a few stretches before you sit back down on your chair. You’ll become much more active and I guarantee you’ll gain more popularity at work.

Added bonus – More chance of finding someone to go to lunch with, Which is another physical activity.

Trick #3 – Stability Ball

For a healthy person, an hour is the maximum amount of time to spend sitting. That is if you want to STAY healthy. But what can you do? How many times can you remember to stop, stretch your legs, walk around or stand?

This is exactly why you should get an extra Stability Ball (What do you mean you don’t have one? Get one today!)  For your work space. For a few hours every day, sit on the stability ball instead of your usual chair. It will improve your posture, engage your core muscles and prevent neck and lower back pain.

The same applies for your home as well. Watch TV only on your stability ball. Believe me, this will make you watch much less mind-numbing TV.

Added bonus – Longer lifespan for your sofa.

Trick #4 – Play


I don’t know about you, but my extremely energized children demand that I take them to a playground. So I do. Instead of sitting on the bench and gossiping with other parents (a health hazard by it self), I actually get up and play with them.

We play with a ball, we race, we play catch and hide and seek and we have an amazing time together.

If your kids usually play in your back yard, why don’t you join them for a while? That is a great work out and guess what? They will be eternally grateful to you forever. That’s physical activity and great parenting in a fun way.

The same goes for your nephews, grandchildren or any other kid you happen to know.

Added bonus – Grateful kids that help around the house.

Trick #5 – A Pedometer

This trick is sponsored by technology. You’ve probably heard that we all should walk at least 10,000 steps a day to keep in optimal health, right? Well, a Pedometer is a great motivator to walk when possible.

This device, a beeper-sized gadgets that count the number of steps that you take each day, usually costs only 20$, a well worth spend if it gets you to reach this important goal.

Added bonus – Less fuel expenses, more money for new shoes.

That’s it folks, this is all you have to do to quadruple your energy, your overall health and lower the risk of fatal diseases and a variety of stress and mental disorders.

Don’t just read this and forget about it, take action – Right now. Today. You deserve to feel alive again, to feel younger, energized and healthy.

To your health & happiness,



Do you have more great ideas to be more physically active without exercising? I’s love to learn something new!

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