Health Tips for Women – 13 Simple Ways to be a Healthier (&Happier) Woman

I always thought that it’s much harder for women to maintain good health than men. Women will do just about anything to look their best (chemical-loaded cosmetics, back-breaking high heels), make everyone around them happy first (leaving no time for themselves) and work their asses to keep a clean home, happy children and a career – Every single day.

health tips for women

Trying to squeeze all of the above in 24 hours, 365 days a year eventually takes a toll and leads to stress, anxiety and health problems.

Over the years I’ve made my own list of health tips for women in an attempt to survive the modern women lifestyle, maintain good health and keep my sanity. Ready? Here it goes:

Health Tips for Women (That Can Change Your Life)

1. Wear 100% cotton underwear. You’ll be surprised to find that any kinds of odor, itching and discharge have disappeared.

2. Wear flat shoes. I know, high heels lift your bottom to higher grounds, but are you willing to pay for them with a herniated disc? And by the way, when you feel comfortable, you feel sexy.

3. Soak your feet (or if you can – Your whole body) in a bath with Epsom salts, at least once a week. They contain magnesium, a highly important mineral which most of us don’t have enough of. Relax and de-stress while absorbing this nutrient through your skin.

4. Switch to natural and organic skin care products. The same goes for hair care products and even your nail polish. Just a few months ago, the Daily Mail website published a frightening infographic that showed the 515 chemicals that women put on their body everyday.

I think it’s critical to raise women’s awareness on this issue. Your shampoo, eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish, deodorant, body lotion, foundation, blusher and perfume (The “winner” with 250 chemicals) are filled with dozens of chemicals, many of them are suspected as cancerous.   Organic and natural cosmetics are chemical free, healthier and often cost less than the conventional stuff every one buys.

I use the wonderful and highly recommended Mountain Rose Herbs body care products. 6. Sleep for 8 hours every night and go to bed at 10 PM if possible. I can’t stress this enough. A good nights’ sleep is a fundamental requirement to keep your health (and energy, and good mood, and motivation and everything!)

5. Play with your children. If only for 5 minutes. Children are a daily reminder of the important things in life – Living in the present and having fun. They are free and natural de-stressors. They can make you forget about your troubles and be a kid again, if just for a little while.

6. Glowing Green Smoothie for breakfast – Start your day with a nutrient-filled alkalizing glowing green smoothie. It will restore your energy, boost your immune system, detoxify your body (which always leads to glowing skin, by the way) and help with weight loss. This is my favorite recipe.

7. Recharge your batteries. Take time to nurture yourself. Go out with your friends, have a good massage, take up yoga, take dancing lessons – What ever recharges your body and nourishes your soul. Put yourself in the center of your world, for just a little while each week.

8. Replace medication with natural treatments. Collect some of the best tips and tricks to treat any health problem – Naturally. For tension headaches – Try this self-acupressure technique instead of pain killers. For muscle and nerve related pain – Try an acupressure mat, a far infrared heating pad or a red light therapy home device  – Instead of the nasty pain killers.

9. Find a gynecologist you can trust. Women probably go the gynecologist more than they go to their GPs. Find someone you can trust, someone who will take you seriously and listen to you. This could save your life one day.

10. Move. Move as much as you can. Use your legs and walk where ever possible. Never use an elevator, walk up those stairs. If you work involves mostly sitting – Get up every hour and stretch for a minute. Find a physical activity that you love, it will be easier to do and more enjoyable.

11. Don’t gossip. Gossiping is fun, I admit, but it’s bad for your soul.

12. Meditate – Just 5 minutes of daily meditation can change your life. It has changed mine. Here’s how to do a 5 minute meditation for beginners.

13. Learn to love your body (not easy, I know) and more importantly – Learn to listen to it. You know yourself better than anyone else. You are the expert of you, don’t let anyone else tell you how you are and who you are.

I hope you found my health tips for women helpful and I would be more than happy to read your comments and learn more for you and how you maintain your health (and happiness) in the comments below.

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