13 Incredible Health Benefits of Rebounding Exercise

Did you know that according to NASA – “Rebounding is the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man”?

rebounding benefits

What does NASA have to do with rebounding benefits?


When they were looking for the best exercise to help astronauts recover from their weakened physical condition, they discovered the astonishing benefits of rebounding.

Rebounding is the best way to boost your energy, stimulate the lymphatic system, lose weight, tone muscle, alkalize your body and get an all-over workout – without having to leave your home.

13 Incredible Health Benefits of Rebounding 

benefits of rebounding

Despite the fact that most of us haven’t heard about rebounding, it is still superior to all other exercises.

It leads to a fountain of youth and a strong immune system, and this is why:

1. Rebounding is 87% shock free. The trampoline absorbs 87% of the shock of the bounce. The definition of low impact is right there.

2. The aerobic bounce is superior to regular aerobics or step class because it is low impact, stimulates healing of the knees, ankles, and back and prevents sports injuries.

3. It is the only exercise that strengthens and cleanses every cell in your body at the same time.

4. It strengthens all your internal organs, arteries and veins, bones, and muscles.

5. Rebounding is the best exercise to boost your immune system (stimulates the lymphatic system).

When the lymphatic system is flushed, new white cells come rushing in – energized and ready to stand guard.

6. Rebounding detoxifies your entire body (and here’s another easy way to detox your entire body).

7. Mini trampolines are cheaper than the other space-taking heavy exercise machines, like treadmills and ellipticals.

8. NASA has found that spending one hour on a mini-trampoline burns MORE calories than jogging.

9. Rebounding improves circulation and cardiovascular strength, and lowers cholesterol levels

Check out 11 easy ways to boost your blood circulation by the end of the day!)

10. It improves balance, coordination, and endurance.

11. It can heal varicose veins and reverses bladder incontinence.

12. Rebounding is fun enough to keep you (and your family) motivated to exercise.

13. Rebounders are quiet, take up little space, and have almost no components that can break down.

14. Healthy bones –  NASA prescribes rebounding as the ideal exercise for astronauts to prevent a loss of bone mass, owing to the absence of gravity in space, and help them recover from space flight.

What’s So Special about Rebound Exercises?

It all comes down to the three natural forces involved in rebounder exercise:

Gravity, acceleration, and deceleration.

Simply put, rebounding makes you accelerate and decelerate up and down, in the same direction of gravity.

Your body responds to all 3 forces, which gently squeezes all your cells at the bottom of each bounce.

This pulls toxins out of your cells and stimulates them to become stronger.

Can you imagine it? Resistance training for the cells!

[yellowbox]Just 2 minutes of light bouncing is enough to flush toxins and waste products out of your body.[/yellowbox]

Using your rebounder will not only get you or keep you in shape but will also keep you vibrant and healthy.

How to Start Rebounding for Your Health

Rebounding is a whole lot of fun. When I started, I simply placed my rebounder in my living room and bounced while watching TV.

Starting slow is important, especially if you haven’t been working out lately or are out of shape.

I bounce lightly when I watch my favorite shows and turn it up a notch during the commercial breaks.

The possibilities are endless, and you can find a few great rebounding routines on YouTube.

Rebounding is more than just jumping up and down, it’s an awesome total body workout like nothing else.

Where and How to Get a Rebounder

My suggestion is to get a high-quality rebounder. Stay away from cheap brands because poorly constructed rebounders can cause serious injuries or “just” back pain and muscle spasms.

A well-constructed unit is critical for your health and safety.

best fitness rebounder with safety bar
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A long and tedious research has led me to BCAN Rebounders .

Now I have one and I love it, and so will you. I’ve tried other trampolines and the difference in quality is quite noticeable.

I’m telling you, once you start you won’t ever want to quit. And that’s a good thing.

To your health and happiness,



Warning: Consistent rebounding may lead to a sleek and sexy body.

15 thoughts on “13 Incredible Health Benefits of Rebounding Exercise”

  1. I have a soft bounce Needak rebounder, and I use it every day. I’ve been rebounding since 1996. I would never stop as it is the most efficient workout for cleansing toxins from your body. Every atom in every cell of your body receives a miraculous workout. David Hall, has a Cellucisor Rebounder, with a stronger and better spring, but is just a little more expensive. I plan on purchasing one as I do like to bounce higher which can cause cleats and springs to break on the Needak, if not regularly lubricated with oil they recommend keeping the springs and cleats from not experiencing too much friction which causes them to break. I highly recommend the Needak rebounder but also feel the Cellucisor, is probably the best rebounder on the market.

  2. I had been using an Urban Rebounder just to get started. I then upgraded to a Cellerciser. I really love it. I see little muscles on my arms and cellulite melting. I just can’t seem to stay off of it. I’m going to start doing this twice a day for quicker results. I encourage everyone to invest in a high-quality rebounder for health reasons. So what if it costs a little more? We put the best fuel in our cars. Buy the best home care equipment. Our bodies are so much more valuable. Forgot to add I’ve only been dedicated to this program since May. I turn 43 in December. Going to see what other changes I can make!

  3. I have been rebounding for 5 years it has changed my life I am 76 and feel young cured asthma head aches and helped arthritis .

  4. I love my rebounder. I have the bellicon which uses bungee cords. It is beyond amazing. It is like jumping on a cloud! I just found your blog tonight, and I love it. I can’t wait to read more!

  5. Two of my clients need to do rebounding but the rebounders they need cost over 500 dollars because they need something will hold their weight. Rebounding would help their lymphatic problems. #wowlinkup

  6. I started rebounding in 2007 in a twice a week class and saw amazing results, I did spend $200 for a rebounder then and it’s still in great shape. I get a better cardio work out in much less time than on my treadmill…did I mention I have bad knees and am 72.

  7. I know this is several months later, but couldn’t help posting my experience. I’ve had the Gold Gym mini trampoline from Walmart for about 4 years and love it. I work out 5-6 days a wk. with cross training and try to use the rebounder frequently. I had an accident a few months ago and was unable to do my regular routines. As soon as I could, I got out the rebounder and have been using that and my weights, since I was still unable to do the regular aerobics.

    The other poster could have had problems due to a variety of things. If someone hasn’t been exercising, (out of shape) they need to start gradually and work up to more time. Also, even though it’s meant to hold a large person (can’t remember the weight now) if someone is heavy, or not jumping correctly, that could put a strain on their body. There is a video that comes with it and has good directions.

    By the way, forgot to mention that I’m 71 years of age, although I don’t feel or look my age – mostly due to a very clean diet and exercise for most of my life.

  8. Hi Lynn:)

    The stiffness you’re experiencing can definitely be caused by a low quality rebounder. The rebounder’s mat should be firm yet soft and giving, the springs should be of quality and the frame should be solid.
    I did the same thing as you at first and bought a low-quality, inexpensive, stiff mini-trampoline at first and immediately got backache, so yes, when it comes to a rebounder, I wouldn’t settle for anything less than the 2 I’ve suggested in the article.

    That’s why I suggested them in the first place…

    Don’t give up, rebounding can be the best thing that ever happened to you exercise-wise, and for me it has brought back the healthy glow to my face in just a few days.

    Good luck!

  9. Hey!
    After reading your blog on rebounding I went out and bought the Gold’s Gym brand from Walmart. I am sorry to say that it is so stiff my neck, lower back, and hips hurt a lot after just 3 one minute sessions! If I purchase the rebounder you recommend can I expect better results? Thank you and it did help my energy and circulation!

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