10 Ways to Increase Blood Circulation in Legs & Feet (Naturally)

how to increase blood circulation in legs and feet

What happens to your body when you have poor blood circulation? Tingling hands and feet, hair loss, constant fatigue, hypertension, headaches, feeling cold, aching muscles, swelling feet, and ankles, dry itchy skin, varicose veins, anxiety, chronic inflammation, memory loss, sluggish digestion, heart disease – are all associated with blood circulation problems. Increasing the blood circulation … Read more

The 3 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety & Stress (According to Studies)

best essential oils for anxiety

Have you ever noticed the powerful effect of all scents on your emotions and mood? Essential oils for anxiety contain aromatic molecules that can pass the blood/brain barrier and have a direct effect on the amygdala – the part of our brain that controls stress, anxiety, panic, and depression. This post contains affiliate links, at … Read more

The 4 Best Essential Oils to Relieve Work Stress In 5 Minutes

how to relieve work stress

Using essential oils proven to relieve (work) stress is probably the easiest and fastest way to get that break you need when you are overwhelmed at work. Work stress takes a toll on your physical and mental health every day. Headaches, fatigue, upset stomach, irritability, anger, lack of motivation and even depression and anxiety. Excessive … Read more