The Quickest Way to Stop Shaking from Anxiety

Are you tired of shaking (uncontrollably) from anxiety and stress?

Do your teeth chatter, your knees knock and your hands shake when you are extremely stressed?

Are you desperate to find a way to stop it as fast as humanly possible?

You’re not alone.

Anxiety tremors, shaking, and shivering are common symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders, and high stress levels.

how to stop shaking from anxiety

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The problem is:

Most of us believe that shaking from anxiety is bad, and do whatever we can to stop it as quickly as possible.

But, trying to stop anxiety trembling is the worst way to make it stop. 

Contrary to what you believe, shaking from anxiety does not mean that your anxiety attack is getting worse.

It’s the complete opposite!

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What Causes Uncontrollable Shaking from Anxiety?

I realized that most people have the wrong information about anxiety tremors when I got this comment on my post about anxiety breathing exercises:

What does it mean when I try the breathing techniques but it makes it worse it makes me cry and shake. What does this mean what can I do to make this go away?<span class="su-quote-cite">Reader comment</span>


Shaking from anxiety is mother nature’s way of de-stressing.

In the wild, when an animal has just avoided an attack, it will shake intensely for several minutes and then return to eating grass as if nothing has happened – it’s part of the fight or flight response.

This shaking allows it to release the build-up of stress hormones that occurred during the “anxiety attack”.

(Animals don’t need therapy, they just need to have a good shake to adjust back to life.)

But we are not wild animals and our culture frowns upon anxious shaking. Shaking is seen as a sign of weakness so we suppress it. We tense up.

Shaking is a Part of the Fight-or-Flight Response

When you’re extremely anxious, your body activates a fight-or-flight response to danger, even when no real danger is present.

This response triggers a rush of adrenaline, which feeds your body with energy, arouses your nervous system, and prepares to be able to fight or flight.

Contrary to what you may believe, shaking is a sign that your body is releasing energy. It happens when your fight-or-flight response winds DOWN.

Do You Immediately Try to Stop Trembling?

Most people will not allow themselves to shake when anxious.

When their whole body starts to shake violently, they freak out and quickly try to suppress all shaking.

The problem is that when you do not release the energy of an aroused nervous system – it gets stored in your muscles as tension.

This tension can result in:

More frightful thoughts and unusual bodily sensations, such as:

  1. leg cramps
  2. Arm and leg spasms
  3. And sometimes just a whole lot of more shaking.

This, in turn, makes you even more anxious – a vicious cycle.

When you allow yourself to express your nervous system energy through shaking, you can discharge it much faster.

Anxiety trembling is a discharge of nervous arousal and a fast clearing of stress hormones from your body.

Isn’t mother nature clever?

What to Do Instead to Make Nervous Shaking Stop

The next time you are anxious, stressed out, or going through an anxiety attack, and feel your body start shaking – allow it. Keep it up. It’s perfectly o.k.

If you want to stop your anxiety faster – don’t use relaxation techniques right now. Encourage the shaking. Exaggerate it.

If you are sitting, tap your feel and bounce your knees more than you normally would. If you are alone, stand up and shake your body out. Shake your hands and arms.

Even better, put on some booty-shaking music on. Shake each leg and bounce on your toes like you see sprinters do before a race.

Shake it out, shake it off.

How to Prevent Your Next Anxiety Attack

Now that you know how to manage feeling anxious and shaking from anxiety, how about preventing your next anxiety attack altogether?

Anxiety is not something you have to learn to live with.

You can use simple CBT techniques at home whenever you need them – until your life-destroying anxiety symptoms go away for good.

👉 And even more, I would recommend that you try CBD oil. It is proven to relieve stress and anxiety, it’s completely natural, and it can help you sleep better. See how it relives anxiety HERE.

I know, because I was there too.

How do you feel when you start shaking from anxiety? how do you deal with it?

To your health and happiness,



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47 thoughts on “The Quickest Way to Stop Shaking from Anxiety”

  1. How can you say that anxiety is not something you have to learn to live with? If anxiety is a natural response of the body – you DO have to learn to live and cope with it properly instead of rejecting it. The more you learn to live with it – the better it will get.

  2. In 2014 in April, my mom passed away, then in June I was diagnosed with Ampullary Carcinoma had Whipple surgery and chemo, since then every time I feel ill I always think the cancer has come back. Went through talking to a therapist at the Cancer Center at the hospital. Got better, now a few weeks back started doing elderly exercises I found on YouTube began having muscle spasms in the lower back that made me be in bed for approximately 2- 3 weeks. Became worried and stressed and cried a lot. Started getting tremors, 2 – 3 am now, it only happens from 6 am to 8 am.
    My daughter bought Oat straw drops recommended by the health food store. They do work. But I’m wondering how long this will last, and what causes it. Thanks for listening.

  3. I’m a nurse and I’ve been suffering from hand tremors and it’s really affecting my work. To set line, withdraw injections, and even administer IV medications this hand tremor will always create a scene for me… please I need help ASAP

  4. Wow. Thank you so much for this page and your site. This information on shaking has helped me so much and I am crying with relief. I went low carb and it created a huge rush of adrenaline which had me shaking (and trying to suppress that shaking) for three hellish days and sleepless nights. I now know my body is just trying to release all that adrenaline: thank you so much for making me see it in a way that no one else did!

  5. Pls I my hands and even entire body always shake due to anxiety and I feel ashamed of it I want to stop it by all means.

  6. Unfortunality, I’m unable to take magnesium as it makes me lightheaded.

    The biggest problem I have is after went through several emotional
    Events and family deaths it seems to have revved up my system and life seems unfamiliar now and just weird.

    I don’t feel fully wakeful and it’s difficult to think sometimes and concentrate. Plus my head is tight all the time and if I worry my hands and arms will feel sort of numbish.

    When I tried to research it only made it worse with all these conditions that describe it and now I’m concerned about that. It’s like something actually changed in my brain. Has anyone been through this and turned it around?

  7. Everytime i have an anxiety attack, I feel an intense pain on my chest as if my ribs will break from intense heartbeat. From my head down i feel my whole body as if i fell down.

  8. I am a worrier, however, I get the shakes when I am in the car and overthink things sometimes I stay at a friends and i shake so bad that I feel I can’t control it and calm myself down.

  9. Try getting at least 1 hour of sun light , get 2,000 miligrams of Potassium and drink lots of Magnesium Chloride but divided it in several small doses through the day so you do not get diarrhea do 45 minutes of exercise every single day and be patient with the magnesium

  10. hi
    thanks for sharing this piece of advice.
    but I’m still having problems with anxiety even when I know there isn’t any d danger .


  11. David,

    I immediately saw the answer – Right inside your question…
    The reason your hands start to shake is because your mind is anxious when you want to work with your hands. And why is that? I’ll quote you: “Apart from the feeling that I probably won’t do it well”.
    Do you understand what’s happeing here?
    I know you are a doctor and you were trained to not focus on mental and spritual human awareness levels, but deep inside your intuition knows:
    You have a rooted belief that you won’t do it well, so your body acts upon your belief and makes it come to realization through the shaking of your hands.
    What to do now than?
    Plant a new belief in your subconcious mind. Believe that there’s no way you WON’T do it well. And if that’s too hard, start by not letting this negative thought control you. Banish it as soon as it comes and replace it with a positive thought or emotion.
    I hope you understand what I mean and as an outside viewer, your problem can be solved easily and faster than you can imagine.
    Good luck!

  12. Hello. I have noticed that for years now when I have to do some things with my hands, apart from the feeling that I probably won’t do it well, which happens more often than not, my hands start shaking profusely. It usually starts off with sweating and before I know it, my hands begin to shake. Because of this, I seldom engage in any physical activities that require manipulation with my hand and this is affecting my work. I recently just became a doctor and I would have to perform certain procedures with my hands when I start my internship. What should I do?

  13. I love all your advice and great information but my problem is the shaking and trembling is pretty much constant. Starts as soon as I wake up then with me all day. I am so weary from this it has been going on for five weeks straight. I do go to counseling. I just really would like to know how to manage this constant shaking. Thank you so very much.

  14. I think that when your husband filed for divorce it has seriously damaged your self esteem. That’s why you can’t sing inf ront of people. I think that if you focus on rebuilding your self esteem and self worth, your anxiety attacks will go away.
    I hope this helps,


  15. I started having anxiety attacks when my husband filed for divorce. I started shaking uncontrollably. Ever since then I am having anxiety attacks whenever there is even a small thing like when I play cards or play tennis. Now everything seems stressful. I used to sing in front of people during karaoke night with so much confidence and so beautifully. Now I sing flawlessly when I practice at home then when I sing in front of my friends on karaoke night I am totally shaking, my voice, hands legs. Very depressed about this. Anyone has any solution, help for this.

  16. I decided to search shaking from anxiety and came to your blog. I have suffered from clinical depression in the past, and anxiety and shaking were symptoms I experienced then. I was able to overcome my depression with good counseling, and eventually even wean myself of the antidepressants. I am currently experiencing a stressful work situation with a colleague, and the anxiety and shaking are back. It was so helpful to know the reason for the shaking! I have found that yoga helps me expend nervous energy. The problem I have is that my low point is usually early morning before work – which screws up my sleep cycle. I am looking forward to exploring your blog to learn more – anxiety is such a disabling condition, and still so misunderstood as an illness socially. Thank you!

  17. I am 70, have lost 3 loved ones in a year, and have a husband with a bad physical disability that I take care of I worry and worry, and now despite the Xanax at night for sleep which is not helping my hands are shaking and teeth chatter. Are there any other essential oils except lavender to try?

  18. My daughter’s shaking from her anxiety makes her even more anxious. ..I an gonna try this with her. Thanks!

  19. I have that same problem with panic attacks. Thank you for the advice and I sure will try these techniques. Thank you once again

  20. I have been taking depression meds & anxiety meds for years. I have been doing good. Then going to a new doctor he wants to take me off meds for anxiety, I had a bad shaking spell last night I managed to get half of clonazepam in me & after 28 minutes I finely stopped. I’m tired of people telling me it’s the meds, it isn’t, some people do need the meds to help the anxiety & I am one of them. I don’t abuse them I take them when I need & it helps.

  21. Hi Meital

    Great post! I absolutely agree with it! Thanks for writing it, as more people need to understand that their bodily reactions are not to be fought against, but to be trusted (!) and paid attention to.

    I do know it can be hard, in the case of having a panic attack – having had them myself, some years back.

    Besides listening to my body, CBT was what helped me get rid of my anxiety attacks, for good. But CBT is very “mental / in the mind” so one has to remember also working with one’s own body. CBT actually made me feel kinda numb (to drama and feelings) for, well, a year or more, following an intense therapy program. I was just so exhausted from dealing with it all, tired in a good way. But when family members (my mom…) or my new girlfriend started drama – I was perhaps a tad too “cold” – a tad too “well, that’s how you feel – I just know I don’t wanna deal with such drama, so see ya: I’m going home and we can talk tomorrow”.


  22. Hi
    I’ve been having these shaking attacks for a year now and it started after my work as a teacher and I suffered from the student and sometimes I come back crying so I left that job and these tremors attacks still here and it always come after I sleep it wakes me up
    It’s a bad feeling that you can’t control yourself and every time I feel like no I’m gonna die my heart gonna stop
    I wish it will stop and I don’t want to take medications 🙁

  23. Panic attacks are the worst! They’re starting to consume my life, even when I’m not having a panic attack at the moment I freak myself right into one! I am not a fan of medications however I just recently was given Xanax as needed but don’t like taking it. I am very excited and curious to try and see how magnesium works! Thank you for the info.

  24. I conquered my anxiety with bible scripture– I started reading it out loud. 2 Timothy 1:7 God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
    I just kept repeating that and telling myself that I should not be afraid because God is with me.

  25. I have been dealing with anxiety/panic all my life. I’m 53 now and a new symptom is a foot. The horrid shaking! I get so upset and feel out of control. And I can’t hide it, I absolutely hate it.

  26. Stacey,

    Of course other people experience it. Millions experience it, you’re not alone.

    Pregnancy can really lower your Magnesium levels, and Magnesium deficiency is one of the most common causes for anxiety. It’s simple to solve and on a week from now you could be much better if you do something about it.

    See this post about what to do and try to relax, everything will be alright:

  27. Hi I’m currently suffering from anxiety and panic since I had my baby 4 months ago I have symptoms such as breathlessness chest pain headache my vision seems wobbly and also when I go to bed just as I’m dropping off it feels like my whole body is shaking on the inside cuz my body isn’t shaking on the outside as anyone experienced this I’m really struggling at the moment I feel like I’m on my own threw this I’m waiting to have cbt but could be waiting for ages

  28. Thanks for the info. about Anxiety its helps me a lot. I am suffering from Anxiety Disorder. from past 2-3 years. And I just come to know about it today. I am clueless about what to do, how to over come it. I am living a very stressful life, its seems like everyday I am fighting a battle to survive in this world. please tell me is there any perfect way to over come anxiety.
    please help me out…

  29. Thank you so much for your information on anxiety. I have learned so much from reading your blog, and feel so much more hopeful that the anxiety I have been feeling can be cured and not just endured. Thank you!

  30. Cristiano,
    It sounds like you have what I have, which is Essential Tremors. It’s a neurological disorder and has nothing to do with anxiety BUT anxiety makes them worse.

    It sucks and is incurable. I feel like I’m turning into Katherine Hepburn. Look it up, you can read all about it. My Neurologist gave me seizure meds for it but they’re awful and many people find they can’t take them like me.

  31. Cristiano,

    It seems to me that a your tremors are obviously caused by social stress of some sort, which means that the obvious cure for this is to treat your stress, and I don’t know if chewing Frankincense will help with that…

    I would try to do every stress relief method until I find the one that works at least like the Whiskey does…

    If you want to try essential oils, I would actually try to deep inhale Lavender essential oil before I leave the house, which is the most relaxing essential oil known.

    I would also try some kind of alternative therapy (guided imagery, EFT) to release the emotional thing that’s causing this to you.

    I hope this helps and good luck!

  32. Hi there.

    I’m a 42 years old man. I’m not an anxious person. All the opposite. But I have slight tremors on my hands.
    I know they are not related to alcohol consumption because I had them for a long time even when I wasn’t drinking at all. (I didn’t drink alcohol for almost 8 years and not because I was an alcoholic before)
    They appear usually when I grab something that can easily spill, like a liquid on a spoon.
    When I’m alone in my apartment these tremors are very light, sometimes are there, sometimes not at all.
    My problem is that they instead happen all the time when I’m in a restaurant surrounded by people I don’t know. Even worst, if I know I have to meet someone I don’t know. Because I know that I’ll grab my glass and my hands will shake.
    Even if “inside” I feel calm, the tremors are there and them, and only them, are the cause of my anxiety of meeting people I don’t know, and of course, that anxiety in a vicious cycle enhances then my tremors.
    For this reason, every time I have to go out with someone I drink three or four shots of whiskey before leaving my home. That is the only thing that does the trick. With that in me, I don’t shake anymore, at all! And that finally makes me feel relaxed.

    So I wonder if rather than heavy alcohol there are some natural remedies to stop those tremors, even temporarily, just for the night out?
    For example, I’ve heard that chewing frankincense resin helps a lot. Is it true?


  33. That is really great advice! I will try the exercise given, I get anxiety or stressed quite often, started as a teenager. Thanks again!

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