Panic Away Review – Does it Work and Is It Worth The Price?

panic away reviewsI’m sure you’ve already heard a few things about the Panic Away program. You may have looked at the official website, and deep inside you hope that this is it.

This is what will set you free from your anxiety attacks.

But how can you know if it will work? Is it just a scam? Is it worth trying?

 The only way to know is to ask  real people, people who suffer like you, bought the program, tried it and will truthfully reveal their outcome.

How to Find the Real Panic Away Reviews

Simply put, real reviews can only be found on forums. You should be suspicious about any other review that you find online. Mostly these are made up reviews by people who never tried it, or even laid eyes on Panic Away. Even in forums you have to know how to filter out spam.

So…I have Decided to do the Research For Panic Away Review – For You.

You probably know from your past experience trying to research a product you were interested in buying, that it takes hours, even days, to find real reviews, simple explanations about how it works and where to find the best price.

Who has time for this anyway?

I went ahead and collected as many panic away real reviews as I could find. I’ve filtered out the sales pitches and spam and this is what I’ve found:

 The Good (Panic Away) Reviews

1. “I have read a lot of his stuff and he seems he really knows what he’s talking about.” (Source: Forum)

2. “I have already almost read through it and it makes a lot of sense.”

3. “I found the price of the program and to be honest, I was definitely taken back with it. My girlfriend was trying so hard to help me. She was getting frustrated only because she felt there was nothing she could do, so she wound up purchasing the program. She figured even if it helped for 5 minutes, it was worth it to see me normal again just for that short time.

4. Well, it helped for more than 5 minutes. It’s very interesting how the program teaches you to deal with panic attacks and anxiety. After no time at all, barely a month, my panic attacks that use to hit me almost every other day had dwindled to once in 8 weeks.

I felt them come up, but you learn what to do when you feel an attack about to hit and during an attack. It seemed silly and counter-intuitive when I first read it, but it worked!” (Source: Forum)

5. “I got the program in early January and since then I’ve had maybe only 3 very minor panic attacks. They tell you to expect setbacks and that’s understandable. Although, I don’t feel that going from 3-5 attacks per week to 3 in 4 months a setback. That to me is most definitely progress”.

6. “I would definitely recommend Panic Away for dealing with panic attacks and the thread in General Discussion labeled “Amino Acids and Magnesium cured my Anxiety” for supplements to help with anxiety.

The supplements might not help everyone, but they sure helped me. It’s impossible to describe how great it is to feel normal again and I hope this all works for you!” (Source:

7. “I just recently read “Panic Away”, by Joe Barry. It’s a relatively shorter book, about 100 pages or so. It may seem too simple or good to be true if you read it, or you may read it and already know a lot of what he talks about, but I think that it does help. I’ve been less panicky and anxious after reading it. The idea and method to help you is pretty basic and easy, but I think that it is definitely helpful, and does work.

It’s basically that you don’t resist your panic, you accept it, float with it, let it come and ask for more. Instead of fighting it, running away or the other number of unhealthy tactics we employ when panicking, this will help us to gain control on it, and to prove to ourselves that it can’t harm us, and that nothing bad ever happens, and gives us the power back to face the panic and fear and know that we are in control and that it cannot do damage anymore.

It sounds too easy or what have you, but it’s worth a read.” (Source: Forums)

 No Results/Bad Reviews

1. “I don’t find them to work for me, but we are all different. I’d rather talk to a real person (therapist etc.)”. (Source: Forum)

2. “A lot of those panic away programs and stuff are just wanting people like us who are desperate for a quick anxiety/depression fix to buy their program. Some may work for you, some may not. It’s all about trial and error. =)”. (Source: Forum)

3. “Most programs follow similar lines of thinking for breaking the fear…some programs like the linden method advocate blocking or ignoring which I think is dangerous, because panic originates in backlogged stress and emotions.

I like the idea of actually ‘trying to bring it on’ because you acknowledge it and accept it which is what your body is trying to get you to do with a panic attack anyway”.(Source: Forum)

4. “As above, apparently the ‘secret’ is to face the fears and attempt to get over them through exposure. Have to say though, I’ve been trying to since it started, trying to get out and about, but each time I am met with the same old crap, so I do end up avoiding it and thinking I can’t get over it…” (Source: Forum)

5. “I too have purchased this panic away book. It has helped me in a few desperate situations but I haven’t quite mastered the program. Mostly I keep thinking the opposite to what it is trying to teach me because of the way panic/anxiety works I try to fight it, but when I actually use the panic away method, it works. Please read the entire program it’s worth it.” (Source:


As far as I could see, there were more good reviews for Panic Away than bad ones. None of the reviews claimed that this is a scam or just a way to get your money.

Everyone agreed that it could only work if you follow the program step by step without quitting and most of them say that just like with every treatment, whether it’s medication or breathing exercises – For some it works – and for others it doesn’t.

Where Can You Buy Panic Away?

I hope you liked this Panic Away review. Now it’s up to you to decide. This is the official website – if you want to know the current price, or to find out some more.

To your health  and happiness,




3 thoughts on “Panic Away Review – Does it Work and Is It Worth The Price?”

  1. I would highly recommend Dr. F Batmanghelidj’s (not sure spelling is right!) books, especially Cancer Obesity and Depression, Their Natural Cause and Common Cure he has written 5 other books about water and salt balance in the human body as well, but I think that this one is the clearest about the role of salt and water in the cells. This method has cured me of lifelong constipation, sinusitis, catarrh, and allergies so severe that I sneezed 600 to 1000 times per day and yes, I did type that correctly! It cured my brother of life-threatening asthma that he’d had for 24 years, and the cure took only 16 days. It cured a neighbor of terrible back pain, and the daughter of a friend of eczema that she had on 90% of her body and it only took 3 days to do it. Another friend was cured of panic attacks, high blood pressure, and fear of going out of her house in just 1 day. Well worth investigating. I wish you all the best this water and salt technique should be known by everyone. Robyn, I often add 1/8th tsp of sea salt or rock salt to my green smoothies, by the way. Robyn, please could you get in touch with the lady who wrote the original comment and pass this on to her? Thank you.

  2. I, too, experienced anxiety attacks for me it was pregnancy and post-partum related. Anyhow, it is NO fun! And feels very scary and like no one truly understands your suffering. A couple of things: after resisting (due to expense) I ultimately was greatly helped by EFT (also known as tapping ). I recommend finding someone who has a lot of experience and can cite your referrals of those who helped with specifically anxiety issues. Secondly, I would utilize an amazing technique that I actually learned from a Practitioner who does these Tapping techniques. He does this before every successful treatment, and I would often use this trick alone to ward off an attack when I would feel that humming of it coming on. It’s called Balanced Breathing and, as I said, most often could get me out of an anxiety jam. Google Balanced Breathing & Dr. George Pratt, and I believe he has a link to a video of him doing the technique. Don’t underestimate the power of 2 minutes of this simple technique. I pray and hope that you find relief. I was encouraged to do the meds thing when I was in the thick of it and was just so grateful to find these things that helped me instead. When you seek So shall you find. I know you will find the right thing for you. Good luck!

  3. It’s such as you read my thoughts! You appear to understand so much about this, such as you wrote the book in it or something. I feel that you just can do with some p.c. to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, that is a fantastic blog. An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

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