My 5 Favorite Safe & Eco Friendly Gifts for Toddlers

As we constantly try to protect our children’s health, reducing their exposure to dangerous chemicals cannot be limited to food and skincare products. Thousands of toddler toys contain scary chemicals (BPA, phthalates, lead, cadmium, PVC, and even arsenic) that can cause cancer, ADHD, autism, endocrine disruptions, and other serious health issues. Finding natural, safe and … Read more

Gifts with Benefits: 10 HEALTHY Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s not easy being the only health freak in my family. (And the only one looking for healthy holiday gift ideas) And it’s becoming near impossible to know all the dangers of modern living (and the safe alternatives) without nagging your loved ones to join me on the road to natural living. They all hate … Read more

10 of The Easiest Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

I have to admit that my favorite Christmas gifts are the wonderful handmade gifts I get from my many crafty friends. I love homemade Christmas gifts because they are more thoughtful, more personal, more natural, more environmentally friendly and more loving. Herbs and essential oils offer a world of great gifts for the entire family … Read more Bestseller List

As you probably know, blog is a totally free resource of some of the best natural treatments and alternative therapies since 2008. To keep the blog running and covering some maintenance costs (hosting the site, for example), the blog writers sometimes refer the readers to the best products on Amazon and other trusted natural … Read more