The Top 10 Natural Anti Inflammation Supplements

Did you know that inflammation plays a (devastating) role in just about every chronic disease?

Arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, cancer, you name it.

Ongoing inflammation can wreck any chance of recovery from them.

anti inflammation supplements

You can sit back and wait for the inflammation to go away on its own (hoping that it will), or you can fight back with some of the best natural anti-inflammation supplements and herbs known to science.

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Why Anti-Inflammation Medication Sucks

Anti-inflammation drugs can work. I will not deny it.

But are they worth the price you’ll have to pay?

I don’t think so.

Drugs take a heavy toll on your liver, your kidneys, and your immune system. NSAIDs side effects are sometimes worse than your actual problems and over-using them can lead to hospitalization and even death.

Why should you take these risks if science has proven that so many herbal remedies can be just as effective (if not more) than drugs?

The Top 10 Natural Anti-Inflammation Supplements

1. Proteolytic Enzymes

Research indicates that proteolytic enzymes “work” throughout your body to help it fight inflammation.

They also cleanse and “thin” the blood (so you can’t use them if you are taking blood thinners) and boost the immune system.

As we age, we naturally lose more and more of these little helpers, and along with the nutrient-deficient food most of us are eating, most of us lack sufficient levels of these enzymes.

2. Bromelain

This special natural compound, extracted from pineapple, contains several proteolytic enzymes that can short-circuit multiple pain pathways in the body.

Many studies have already shown how Bromelain (ananas comosus) reduces inflammation and removes “waste” and toxins from the blood.

More than one study has proven Bromelain’s ability to destroy cancer cells in vitro and it’s claimed to be 500 more powerful than chemotherapy.

👉 This is a good Bromelain supplement (Combined with Papain).

3. L-glutathione

L-Glutathione is a celebrity in the anti-inflammation supplements world.

Over 20,000 research studies have demonstrated how glutathione can help your body in everything from cancer prevention to more supple skin.

Glutathione is quite literally the most important antioxidant in your body. It is the only antioxidant in your body that has the ability to eliminate ALL free radicals, not just specific types!

4. Turmeric Extract

GreenMedInfo has collected more than 1500 different studies about the amazing and proven benefits of this superfood.

It’s probably the most powerful anti-inflammation food on earth.

Turmeric “seeks and destroys” free radicals that cause pain and swelling and of course – Inflammation.

Did you know?

Historically, turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicine, primarily in South Asia, for many conditions, including breathing problems, rheumatism, serious pain, and fatigue. Today, turmeric is used as a dietary supplement for inflammation; arthritis; stomach, skin, liver, and gallbladder problems; cancer, and more. (source)

A recent study done at the prestigious Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Center in New York found:

Turmeric is safer and more precise than aspirin in eliminating inflammation (without the well-known side effect of aspirin, such as stomach irritation).

The simplest way to add it to your diet is to spice your food with Turmeric powder, but some of us don’t like the taste.

👉 If you are one of them, look for an organic Turmeric supplement, like this one.

5. Papain

Papain (Carica papaya) is unique in that it’s been shown to actually attack tumor cells and boost the immune system. It also contains a wide range of proteolytic enzymes.

Many nutritionists suggest taking it for diabetes, herpes, cancer, and indigestion.

6. Boswellia Extract

Besides being a natural anti-inflammatory, Boswellia (Olibanum Indicum) also helps to keep healthy blood circulation.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 30 patients received 333mg, 3x a day of Boswelia.

The group who received the Boswelia had a significant reduction in pain and swelling and experienced an increase in joint mobility and flexibility as compared to the placebo group.

7. Devil’s Claw

One of the hundreds of studies on Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) found that this herb is as effective in reducing inflammation as a common arthritis medication – phenylbutazone – Without the side effects.

A series of studies completed in Germany found that the main ingredient Devil’s Claw was indistinguishable from Vioxx in the treatment of chronic low back pain.

For systemic inflammation, this is the devil itself.

8. Ginger Extract

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) root is very popular in Asian 2500-year-old medicine.

Ginger is a common ingredient in Asian and Indian cuisine. However, ginger has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries in many cultures.

It’s a potent anti-inflammatory, but well-known for its ability to relieve nausea in a matter of 30 minutes.

Ginger extract reduces the number of prostaglandins, which are responsible for the feeling of pain.

9. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is well-known for its anti-oxidant properties.

Vitamin E has been shown to be beneficial in many situations and conditions such as controlling high blood pressure, maintaining healthy and balanced cholesterol levels, and boosting immune system function.

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10. Citrus Bioflavonoids

Citrus bioflavonoids aid in the absorption of vitamins and act as important anti-oxidants.

They also inhibit collagen and elastase, the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of connective tissue.

That way your joints and ligaments stay as healthy as when you were a teenager. In addition to protecting connective tissues, they also protect against free radical damage.

What is the Most Effective Natural Anti Inflammatory?


You don’t really have to choose one.

Anti-inflammation supplements that include most or all of these science-backed inflammation busters are out there waiting for you to start your war on inflammation and pain.

One of the best of them in my experience is Heal n’ Soothe.

Heal n’ Soothe has all of these natural anti-inflammatories, and best of all, it includes proteolytic enzymes.

You can see the full list of ingredients and get the whole picture about Heal n’ Soothe HERE.

Is It Guaranteed to work?

Well, just like with any other health treatment, the answer is – no. No guarantees.


You’ll never know until you try. For some people, a natural anti-inflammation supplement will not suffice.

For others, one supplement will have a dramatic impact on their health.

And you’ll never know until you try, right?

To your health and happiness,



Please consult with your doctor before you start taking ANY supplement, natural doesn’t mean 100% safe, especially if you take some types of medication. O.k?

6 thoughts on “The Top 10 Natural Anti Inflammation Supplements”

  1. Meital, what a fantastic post! That is such a detailed article! I also believe that nature has its own way to help us heal with herbal remedies and it can even be more effective than drugs!

  2. I think that she can not take Heal n’ Soothe if she is taking blood thinners. I would recommend using infrared light therapy to relieve her knee pain – without side effects.

  3. I’m writing for my 80-year old neighbor. She does not have a computer. She has horrible knee pain from years of working in factories on concrete floors (she says that what it’s from). She has also been taking a blood thinner for about 20 years because of a TIA. She has been taking a Norco-type pain reliever that she does not want to take anymore mostly because it doesn’t work. She is desperate to find something that will relieve the pain. She can hardly bend her legs and has constant pain, even at night. Can a person on blood thinners take this Heal ‘n Soothe? I would even buy it for her myself if she can. She can’t take any OTC pain relievers because of the blood thinner she takes. Thank you for your help.

  4. I suffer from severe fibromyalgia which prevents me to knee bend and squats as well as calf pain. I currently use Turmeric with cumin which does now not relieve the discomfort. I glad I came across your website and I am looking to add additional supplements. I try to avoid medication and take part in my recovery by eating healthy and supplements. Thank you

  5. Angie,

    I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

    As for birth control, you can stop using them anytime you want to, because there are other birth control methods that don’t mess with your hormonal balance, right?

    As for your bulging discs, I highly recommend a special neck pain pillow (you can learn all about them here:

    And one more natural and very effective method to reduce your need for pain pills is neck traction, which you can do at home, here’s my post about it:

    There are always natural and alternative methods to deal with health issues, please try to stay positive because it’s a huge part of your recovery.

    To your health,


  6. Going to start metapause im ver tored all day. But can’t go to sleep. Crying a lot over stupid stuff. I have 4 bulging disc in my neck so they have me on pain meds. I don’t know if I am supposed to keep taking the birth control and I have asked multiple doc. To take me off of my depression med. Itsvenlafaxin and the wont . I went to my doc last week told him it doesn’t work so he uped the strength on ot but it affects my pain med i itch all over. I can’t win!!! I just want to not b tired and cry one second then rip someones head off the next. Please someone help im miserable

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